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Small kidneys


Hi all. Wondering if anyone has the answer to this question please. I have struggled with repeated kidney infections for years. I have had a urostomy ( bladder diversion) and last yr a liver transplant. Infections have been driving me mad. Im having lots of tests & scans at the moment. My ultrasound showed up small kidneys 8.7 with significant cortical scarring in the right upper poles. what's a normal sized kidney and does anybody know what the rest of it means please. I'm stuck. Thankyou

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yesterday I had a renogram didn't get too much info back but was under the scanner hours. she said my kidneys were lazy she then had to give me the diuretic which still didn't kick start them properly. 40 mins later the majority of it was still there. from Monday I have scans every other day. I'm getting a little worried about what could be happening here

dizzydi in reply to sheri44

Hi there, I've never actually had one of them, is that the nuclear scanning that can go on for some time? Like over the 2 hours or so? Maybe speak to your consultant and tell them your concerns. Hopefully someone will get back who's experienced this. However, i did have a procedure ultrasound some weeks back and the Sonographer was saying that my right kidney wasn't happy, I never asked in case they would not confirm then that would have got me concerned. He may have just meant that in general terms that my kidney was not happy because he was pressing on it with the scanner or medical term, he did say then my results will be sent to the consultant who ordered them. I've not heard anything as yet but then i do have my neph appt 13th July so results will be given to me then, but i assume if anything too concerning they would have been in touch by now. Good luck on this and maybe it's nothing too much to worry about. x

sheri44 in reply to dizzydi

hi 🙋 thankyou for responding. Yeah it was a long scan. I've got so many more tests this week so i hopefully will get some answers at the end of it. The renogram really annoyed my kidneys i was suffering with awful pain afterwards and still today isn't great. Hope everything goes well for you at your appointment. I will keep an eye out for good news. Take good care & thanks again 😊 xx

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