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GFR blood disorder MGUS


I was just recently tested for Kidney function GFK at 73 the crenatine 72 umol

Serum Potassium 4.5 mmol serum sodium 140

I was quite shocked and very scared I asked my doctor why I have not been told what's really going on

I was diagnosed with a blood disorder in 2009 after a full hysterectomy over the next couple of yrs it was revealed to me when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I was also told that with constant then urine infection around the time before and after my hysterectomy it was revealed I had protein in the blood and urine hence the diagnosis

M G U S I have been seeing a nerologist for 5yrs for blood checks after a bone marrow it showed I had MGUS

Recently I went to my Doctor in tears and told him something does not add up all these diagnosis I am always in severe pain all over hands and feet extreme. Told its fibromyalgia

CFS stomach issues ear infections something does not feel right.

That's when I had the GFK done and result

73 mmol

Today I pulled out all my the rheumotology reports and neurology reports and a list of a medical report the medical report stated 2006 chronic kidney disease I did ask about this in 2013 I was told people's results get mixed in sometimes anyway I see it today and the reports show my GFK has been checked every time I see the Rheumo and Neurologist.

I have put two and two together with research the kidneys if they are not functioning properly can release protein in the blood and urine which is why I have been diagnosed with MGUS but yet still all doctors involved can't seem to admit the connection. When I had the scan two weeks ago Also for kidney check there was scarring and the left one was bigger 1.7?than the right one 1.2

My G P has said my kidney has halted at 73 maybe due to my diet

Recent reports 2013 GFK was 79

2013 74 2015 72 2016 73

I am a bit overwhelmed with all of this

MGUS can lead to myeloma if the paraprotein levels rise Over 18 I believe

I was 16 in the beginning my last test October 2015 was 11 after som many fluctuations between 11 to 14 and 11 on three more three month blood checks.

Due to this they have changed appointments to yearly from three months

My GP told me last week he is not happy with this and needs to be monitored three monthly


appreciate you reading my message

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Dear Madam, I, sincerely, pray for you to be cured as soon as possible. I wish you a very healthy, happy and long life.


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