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Advice on eGFR 60 and kidney pain

This is my first post in this section so please be gentle! I'm a 34 year old woman, pretty healthy, no diabetes, perfect blood pressure and good cholesterol. Am pretty active and eat very healthy, have always hated processed foods / junk food, and am not a big drinker.  

2 months ago I went to the doctors with numb fingers and hands, and he ordered a standard blood test as a precaution. Since then I've been diagnosed with severe Hypothyroidism and 'kidney issues'. I've just had my second blood test, and I started with a eGFR of 54, the last blood results last week was eGFR 60. I'm back at the GP today but in the last week I've started to have lower back pain, more of a dull ache around my kidneys. Is this normal? I've done nothing different but drink more fluids. 

I've read a lot on here that the best advice is eat healthily, drink plenty of water, gentle exercise - generally good living which isn't too far a stretch from what I do now. I hate just treating the symptoms, have never been one who took a pill for a headache, I prefer to treat the cause. My questions really is - at 34, what would have caused this? 

Thanks in advance for your advice. 

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Hi my theory is hyprthyroidism seems to come hand in hand with kidney problems. I have had an underactive thyroid since 2007 and was told recentely by my gp that tht is when my gfr started to drop a little by 2010 it was 62 now 58. I have read other posts about people with thyroid problems that then go on to develop kidney problems. I asked my dr when diagnosed with ckd if the thyroid problem could have caused it and she said it was possible.


I'm surprised they told you that you have gfr of 60. They don't usually tell you till it gets lower apparentely because they don't class 60 as being CKD.


Thanks for your reply. My previous blood test was 54 which is why CKD was mentioned. I know the results because I get copies for my thyroid. My GFR has increased since taking Levo for hypothyroidism.


Dear Madame,  Thank God your everything is all right. As you mentioned, you observe everything to stay healthy. Do not worry. I don't think it is anything important. Are you sure the pain in your back is related to your kidney? Maybe, the pain is related to the scoliosis(abnormal curvature of the spine). Try to be of high spirits and not to be overcome with extreme fright or be stricken with panic. I think, most of the time, psychological problems are more hazardous than physical problems. I think brisk walking is very beneficial and thinking of joyful things is very helpful. I wish you a very healthy, happy and long life.

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