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Help I just found out I am stage 3A GFR

Hi, My name is Dyann and I am 72 years young. I have had Diabetes for years but was never told about the damage to kidneys. I had been going to Kaiser for 50 years and it wasn't until I changed Clinics that I learned what was happening to me. I was in shock!.

That night I had received a e mail from a dating site that I had planned on stopping that evening. There was a e mail from a nice man and he asked for my #. I really didn't want to meet him as I felt it was unfair to meet a healthy male and I felt I had nothing to offer.

We talked for eight hours about everything and then he said, " I have Diabetes " I said I did too! He then told

me that he has Dialysis treatments twice a week. I honestly think had I not spoken with him I would not have really understood how serious this was. In those eight hours he explained to me how important diet, insulin

and exercise was. He made me realize I did have to take charge of my life if I wanted to live


We have talked every day since, actually several times a day and we have become very close. I told him I did not want to meet in person until Sept. 17th as that Is when I would learn how bad things were and I told him I did not want to meet him if I were as ill as he but I would still be there for him.

On Sept 16th he had to have a Hernia Surgery, so I decided to meet him in the Hospital 2 hours prior to Surgery. I doubt if he remembers much but he really appreciated me being there for him He is hoping to get a Transplant from a dear friend of his maybe Jan or feb 2016 if they really are a match. He is also pursuing

me after all is well, You just never know where or when God will step in.

I wish all of you the best,

Love to all, Dyann

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