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?Haem or peritoneal dialysis

My eGFR is 12 and I am having a fistula made. Consultant calls it'planned dialysis' although I don't need it right now. I prefer idea of haemodialysis but would really appreciate other peoples' experiences. Look forward to hearing from you. Manon

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my husband has been on peritoneal dialysis he likes the freedom it gives you & also your free from needles your viens are protected for longer each fistula only lasts so long!

he still has no fistula as yet his friend from dialysis clinic only managed 6 months on PD & had problems forming a fistula he had to have a graft in his leg in the end so thats where his access is he has poor viens!

but each case is different my hubby does nt fancy the idea of your blood running around a machine he says!


Both heamodialysis and peritoneal have their pros and cons..

You really need to weight these up against your lifestyle and future needs, think ahead. a bit, work, family wise etc.

There's a handy little tool which can take you through the different options on a US based website here:



Thank you Phillen and jMan for helpful replies. Quizz on DaVita also good.


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