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3 yr old toddler recovering from Acute Renal Failure in 2012

Hi ,

My daughter experienced ARF in early 2012. Her createnine level was around 100 , which subsided to around 52 within 2 weeks ( no dailysis). On her one year appointment late 2013 , her createnine level was 58 , however, all her other levels ( i.e...urea , blood ) were all normal. Given that her creatinine level rose a little over a year ( i.e.. from 52 to 58) , the doctors are concerned about an "upward trend" so she has undergone a nuclear scan to see if there was any scarring. The results come out the week after.She has been hyperactive ever since she came out of this in 2012 and drinks a lot of water and passes urine frequently in large amounts. She also has ammonia breath as well.

Should we be concerned ?

Thank you in advance.

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have the doctors considered something called diabetes insipidus its more commonly known as water diabetes

my husband had this since birth but you can develop it also it sounds similar signs my husband used to drink & pee a lot he don't now as he his on dialysis he is 58 though but when he was a child these were the same symptoms

as your prescribing his creatine gradually got worse over the years untill he was 55 when he had an accident which then spun him into kidney decline & onto dialysis so if it is something like this it needs to be checked out as there is medication for this where as there wasn't any years ago for my hubbie so there is hope that she would not be at the same stage as mu hubbie at his age! but get on to your GP ask for her to be tested for it good luck

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Thanks for the response phillen. Much appreciated , we will be reviewing her scan results with the Specialist next Thurs. Am praying that there is no damage to her kidneys at all , and that this elevated creatinine level ( although a little spiked for a 3 year old child) is just attributed to her being muscular. Once again , for anybody that is reading this , please share if you have experienced your 3 year old child maintaining a creatinine level of around 58.She is really built well (like a machine). Super fast on her feet and great coordination skills with ball games( i.e.....basketball , soccer and tennis).

On another note , has anyone experienced Acute Renal Failure and then recover over a 2 year period , only to lapse into Chronic Renal Failure ?

Please help. Many thanks for this Forum.


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