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Acute renal failure

Went from 3a CKD to acute renal failure in a month. No sodium, sugar, gluten, red and processed meat. Numbers still getting worse. Plenty of water, mouth dry day and night. BP is good. Walk up and down hills for an hour each morning. Taking Lyrica and cymbalta to reduce fibromyalgia pain after giving up Nsaids. Fatigue is gone. Sleepiness persists along with feeling off balance. Shooting burning pain in left foot may be unrelated.

Any advice?

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unable to comment without knowing age,gender and GFR or creatinine level.

hope u will reply

wish you good health


Female 69 eGFR currently 45


cvtaylor, what a horrid experience, but you have taken the first important step by stopping the NSAIDs. Ibuprofen and the like are poison to the kidneys, especially if taken long-term. I don't have any experience with Lyrica and Cymbalta with regard to any possible effect on kidney function but do check those out - a good pharmacist is the best for advice. Other than that, I presume you are under a renal consultant and being monitored well with repeat blood/urine tests.

With regard to the burning foot pain, have you tried foregoing the hill walking and resting it for a few days?

As kithsirid has said, we might be able to help further if you let us know your present eGFR, Creatinine levels and age, etc.


u have not given me your GFR , age gender ,tests results,

unable to comment

wish u good health


Yes you have given age...69, female&eGFR 45 right? Unless that means your eGFR had dropped from 69%?

What has it suddenly dropped from?

I am 38 years old &my eGFR is 34. It's been dropping quite significantly over the past years...from 84% to 34% in 6 years. I am still working. ..30 hours a week&manage to generally function pretty normally at the moment. The main thing is I get tired very quickly as I've become anemic because of the ckd. My doctors are going to see what my kidney function is in 3 months time as I've just had treatment.

But I'm not meaning to talk about myself. ..rather to hopefully reassure you a bit that 45%,even though going into stage 3b, is still quite a functionable place to be. The biggest issue seems to be how quickly your kidney function is dropping? !

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The burning pain in your foot could be plantar fasciitis .. I know as I had it due to pressure on my feet from over walking. Rest and pressure pads work but takes a long time !!


The burning in the feet could possibly be gout if you have uric acid crystals deposited in the joints which can cause pain, and swelling. It can also lead to kidney damage if the uric acid builds up in the kidneys so the two could be related and could be a reason for the drop in your GFR. I'd have your uric acid levels checked.


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