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Fed Up, What Next Step Can I Take?


Hi, I am 19 I am really confused as to what my condition is. I took various online tests which say that I am dyslexic or have some indications of dyslexia. However, as time went one discussing my struggle with a friend, she felt I showed more signs of ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity Disorder). All these findings all started recently when I had three overwhelming essays to do and I realised that the intensity of how much I could not actually do my research on my essays due to the fact that I could not read the articles or books I needed to. Mainly because I could not just focus and read past a line or two and being very hardworking and persevering person I would spend long hours (as long as 23 hours) in the cluster just trying to read and get my research on but the results of my effort reflects more like I have spent 15 minutes reading. I remember spending 4hours looking at a part of the article I needed to read and realised that I had not actually passed that line.

I have always been an A student right from time but I struggled (blindly, I didn't think I could have a condition) just to get good grades. What I realised is that I've just always known how to pass rather. I'd put in a whole lot of time and effort just to get a fair A. But this time around in Uni, it's a whole new ball game .To top it all up, I am Law student. I have a ton to read and the pressure is on especially with the high standards. I am trying my best not to just give but I feel so weak as each time trying to do work and motivate myself as all I can think about is all the struggle I have had to face from time just working hard, blindly.

I am truly tired and confused. I don't know if I have dyslexia, with the common signs of it I exhibit like omitting words when I read, not being able to read and understand what I have read at first instance, looking at so much words make my dizzy sometimes, puts letters and numbers the wrong way: for example, 15 for 51, b for d or “was” for “saw” and so on. On the other hand, ADHD symptoms like daydreaming, disorganization, restlessness, e.t.c.

My parents do not think I have any of such things since have being doing well at school and I don't have funds to take a formal test.

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It may be worth seeking out your university's disability support services they will be able to help you dylexica is a recognised disability so your university had to make resobable ajustments for you otherwise they are braking the law. Good luck with the rest o your studies

Go to your uni's support department. Tell them all about your worried. They will be able to advise and help you. The last thing you should be doing is feeling alone and worried. That won't help your studies at all! They will be useful. You are not the only dyslexic student there. There may even be a student support group.

Symptoms like daydreaming, disorganization, restlessness, are quite often associated with dyslexia and not necessarily signs of ADHD.

When it comes to studying, read in short bursts and type or mind map what you read as you go along. That way you'll have notes ready for revision. All dyslexics have to work much, much harder when it comes to academic work, which is extremely tiring. So short bursts or 'reading in chunks' will help you concentrate and organise your ideas better. Recording your reading works too, then you can listen back and digest facts without the strss of reading. As I said, you have to work much harder than others in order to get through the studying.

Ask your tutors to give you a more streamlined reading load. You need to focus on the essentials.

You clearly have the talent and intellectual capacity to study and achieve, however you learn differently. Reading lots of text for hours on end is not how dyslexics typically learn. You will get tired and confused.

I can very well understand how confused you are - I went through uni feeling like you do but in those days there wasn't the help that is available (by law) these days. So I urge you to go on Monday and make an appointment to see a specialist at the uni.

I'd love to know how you get on, so keep in touch.

Good luck

The uni should be able to help you with a dyslexia test or a wide range special needs time. Remember you can have high grades with dyslexia, it's doesn't affect your intelligence.

Like the others say - you can't do it on your own. Online tests, friends and parents cannot give you the answers you need. I am sure you will feel much better if you reach out, get proper support and help. I did!

Very best wishes

I'm very dyslexic i have adhd and speech issues which i think is due to adhd ... I have my ups and downs and at times more downs than ups... Just something i have to live with . they say we have talents I'm yet to fine mine hahaha ..

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