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Strange version of Dyslexia


I have been told for the last year the reading problem I have is a form of Dyslexia. Hearing that doesn't make me feel like I am stupid trying to read. I don't turn things around but I blur out the next sentence of whatever I am reading and go two lines down instead of following the sentences as they are printed. Does anyone else have this problem?

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try this when reading a book use a note card and audio version of the book so that you can hear the sentences as you read them

Robey2014 in reply to sroach01

If I use audio books I fall asleep I need the book in front of me. I get bored easily with books on tape.

Yes I do. I struggle with the contrast again black and white and with serf fonts.

I wear coloured lens to help with this and they have changed my life.

Also helped with my visual perception and driving.

Check out the website below. I can't recommend them enough.

Let me know how you get on.


I've heard of people having that sort of problem. My problem is being able to get to the end of a sentence or paragraph without having to go back to the beginning over and over again - it does sort of blur out. I think it is my particular processing issue. Like you I rarely turn things around. You sound pretty typical. I do wonder if our processing issues can change over time as well! Very best wishes too!

Robey2014 in reply to Kanani

I have that problem to. I don't comprehend very well do to my mental disability. So its a win or lose with both of the reading problems I have.

SQUIDS in reply to Kanani

I have the exact same problem! Looking for a little advice and understanding on what it is? I dont usually have much problems spelling but I do have a poor hand style and often need to adapt sentences. I do have ADHD so it could be linked to that if you havent looked into it before?


I have found overlays useful and not too expensive. Also useful as a line marker ie put under the line you are reading.

Robey2014 in reply to beaton

I have done that for years but some times it doesn't work my eyes go under what ever I use to mark what line I am on. That is the frustration part of it all.


Those are symptoms of a visual processing difficulty called Irlen Syndrome. Dyslexia is more to do with sound discrimination and linking sounds to letters.

Clairetreadwell in reply to Hidden

The irlen glasses have changed my life.

One thing that helps me, is my kindle. I have changed the settings, so that I use different font, larger and double line spacing. I also changed the background lighting. I can actually read comfortably, without my glasses

Kanani in reply to Hidden

I think Dyslexia cannot be defined as simply as that, and that you are setting a somewhat arbitrary boundary that could be confusing.

you could have trouble in scanning. The brain follows text in a certain way, you may scan the text differently leading to these problems. I think you can get eye training programmes which can help. You could have meares irlen syndrome which can lead to this kind of effect. Coloured glasses could help

I use a blank sheet of paper to cover up the bottom part of the page and just slide the paper down as I'm reading. It works well and is a trick I use in conjunction with listening to books on tape.

No two dyslexics are alike. Most dyslexics don't have the classic problem of letters flipping. I lose my place too and wind up on the wrong line. I've had other dyslexics mention the same problem. I found a bookmark is a huge help. It keeps my mind focused on the sentence I'm trying to read. A bookmark would slow up "muggles" (normal people) but it helps me read faster. It might help you...or maybe not (see first sentence.)

Yes I know I use that trick a lot or a piece of paper

what you have just described is called Irlen Syndrome it can be asociated to Dyslexia, all three of my childre (who are in there 30's now) have Dyslexia and so does their father and my daghter and one of my son's has Irlen Syndrome yo can be tested for this now by some specialist Opticianns I don't mean places like Specsavers yo can go to and do a short self test good luck

I have never heard of that but I will do some research on it. Because I have had this problem my whole life but no one has ever tested me they just blame my eye site on this problem.

I just found out that my son may have Irlen syndrome, it's not very common and not many people have heard of it. He had the same problem with reading. Have a look on the website and see what you think.

I have just had my son tested for Irlen syndrome it sounds to me you may have that. My son is dyslexic aswell and when they did this test to find out they made him read using there overlays and he stopped at every full stop breathed at the start of a new paragraph and didn't lose his place, I'm sure you understand what I'm on about

This is also part of dyslexia people wrongly think that being dyslexic is just turning round of mirroring letters. It is actually a whole range of difficulties to do with how your brain scans the words and in what sequence you process them. There is also an aspect that is to do with how sensitive your eyes are to certain wavelengths of light. Try and get a comprehensive dyslexia assessment that also screens for Meares-Irlen syndrome as well.

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