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Why can we (adults) not get free dyslexia assessments after a referral from a GP.

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Dyslexia is still a huge problem for many adults, it affects so many aspects of their everyday lives, more so than many other physical illnesses. I enquired about having assessment carried out last year after discovering my dyslexia. After reading a couple of pages about some else's life story, I realised that life story fitted my life exactly and could have easily been written about me, I was actually shocked, a little research then confirmed that I was almost certainly dyslexic myself. I immediately decided that I need to have an assessment to have the self diagnosis confirmed. I was surprised to find that it would cost me around £300, I simply cannot afford that kind of money! How many more people out there are undiagnosed and possibly not getting the help in the workplace etc. that they need. I approached my employers to see if they would help, they looked at me as if I were mad, why on earth would we pay for your assessment as we are not legally obliged attitude!

16 Replies
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I don´t think adults or parents of children should have tto pay for dyslexic assessments.I think it is wrong that so much of the help out there for dyslexics is so expensive. I think that as this is a disability there should be help out there from the government to help pay towards support. As you say an assessment is approx 300 pounds, a specialist in dyslexia tutor is 20pounds plus an hour, testing for colour lenses is approx 100 and the glasses themselves are about 100 pound too. (children don't have to pay for normal eye tests and glasses yet the same cannot be said for coloured lenses tests). I feel at times I have failed my daughter as I am not in a financial position to pay for all the support that has been suggested over the years and when a school is failing your child and you cannnot provide what they need yourself it makes you feel like a bad parent. Children who come from poorer families miss out on support because the parents just don't have the money.

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Jayne, I totally agree, I only mentioned adults because I thought anybody under 18 got everything free, I was clearly wrong!

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sorry Ratter15, just found your blog, oops not a senior moment. i reckon it will still cost me £300 for an assessment even through GP. Life's hard enough. so will just have plod on. weemikec

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Hi. the only way I got my free assessment for dyslexia was because I did an adult education couse (basic computer course) at "Link into learning". I also had to do either maths or EnglishI as well. I happened to mention that I thought Id always been dyslexic to my tutor and she arranged the test. And guess what? Im dyslexic!! The certificate is only valid for 3 yrs as far as I know.Dont know why bcoz if youre dyslexic, youre dyslexic, it doesnt go away!!

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Alot of people are surprised when I tell them what I have had to pay out for they think because it is a disability it is all free. I don't begrudge anyone getting financial help for disabilities but I have a cousin who's son is ADHD and they receive disability for him and carers allöwance for them meaning they can provide him with activities to keep him busy but they do not have to spend extra time with him to help with reading, spelling etc for assignments and they also don't need specialist equipment, resources or tutors for him. I understand that he has some major problems but so does my daughter and I feel sometimes dyslexia is not taken as seriously as other disabilities. I also don't think people understand this is more than just reading or spelling. My daughter has OCD's anxiety problems, self esteem problems, and also has problems with organisation, coordination, attention and sleeping. I think dyslexic adults and children alike should be receiving some kind of financial support to provide the help they need.Sorry rant over lol I just get cross that people miss out on the correct help, support and resources because they cannot financially afford it.

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Hi Ratter15

Contact Access to Work for more advice about being referred for assessment via your employer - direct.gov.uk/en/disabledpe.... Dyslexia is recognised under the Equalities Act (2010) and employers are obligated to make reasonable adjustments to ensure a dyslexic employee is not disadvantaged.

Dyslexia Action also offers workplace consultation – dyslexiaaction.org.uk/workp...

Dyslexia Action also has a Learning Fund, which while limited it is worth speaking to your local Dyslexia Action Centre about.

We do understand the frustrations and the barriers that dyslexia can present, particularly when it has not been properly addressed and you then need access to the right help and support. Sadly there are many adults in a similar position and we hope that they will use this forum to offer you support and share information on what helped them.

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no one should have to pay in an ideal world i had to pay for my 15 year old to have a private assessment,it cost 450,the school still didn't acknowledge it ,it showed he had the reading age of 11,the spelling of 9 ,processing difficulties but a high IQ ,he is home schooled now

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I class my self as quite lucky it was only that had a friend who noticed the signs I still had problems and had to self refer myself and then got the assessment . Even thought I had the assessment I was a long drawn out process as I was also diagnosed with ADHD which is even harder to get help for in adults. Try access to work or see occupational health maybe worth a try but keep pushing as the help and support is out there x

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Hi I am 30 years old. I worked for a company for 10 years and despite my constant inaccurances and F ups i remained in the company. My VERY frustrated employer made a point of listing out my flaws on a daily basis but I remained employed as I designed all their marketing materials to a very high standard. I stayed because I didnt think I would get another job although I never got a pay rise and, looking back, I was very unhappy.

Clearly thoughout this time I constantly asked myself WHY I was like this!??!? I hated myself because noone was there to tell me to see someone or to tell me why I was (in my mind) stupid. I spent most days crying and feeling very alone. I knew it was not normal but I tucked it away in the back of my head and carried on messing up and ignoring the fundamental flaws until eventually I couldnt take it anymore. I bleamed colleagues for being touchy and being very patronising towards me as obviously they were aware of my shady work methods.

I felt like I had to get better. I had to have more qualifications I needed to constantly prove that I could be 'normal' and not stupid. Every year since leaving school I have ALWAYS worked a full time job and two part time courses. I didnt want to be stupid anymore. I spent most nights working late just to read work over and over and OVER agin until it was right but mistakes always came up. I volunteerd myself for redundancy about a year ago and moved away. Closing that part of my life off completely.

Since then I became a Marketing assistant for a pharmaceutical company as a temp (because of head count) shortly after I moved. I loved it! It ws a new start to me. No one knew my flawed past and no one was aware of my stupidity. I was vey well like and came accross very intellegent and a great addition to the team. Not long after the initial training and to my horror flaws stated to be obvious. After a while I discovered I may have dyslexia and being a believer that honesty was the best policy two months ago I explained to my boss that I had dyslexia in an attempt to explain flaws that I could not hide anymore. I regret doing this. I am a temp and therefore have no rights. I have been given two weeks to get better or I will be sacked.

1 in 10 people have dyslexia - You are not alone.

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I am a 38yr old woman, who has lived with dyslexia all my life and will continue to until I die. I have recently had issues with this at work, they insisted I have an Occupational Health telephone call which I did. They advised when I updated them, I would have to pay for the assessment which I found out would cost £250.00 take 2-3 hours for the assessment and do it outside work time. I have since been told by the HR Manager I have to pay for it but claim it back via the usual expense procedure. I am like you, I am not paid enough and cannot just pay £250.00 just like that.

The NHS will not fund it as although it is recognised as a disability, unlike people with serious disabilies they won't fund dyslexia assessments.

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I know this is old but after I did a search for "why are dyslexia tests so expensive" I found this and thought I wanted to add... I have had dyslexia all my life (48 years) and a few years ago I thought I wanted to be tested... Before I carry on I just wanted to say that I am a Brit living in the US... Anyway I found a place here in the US that do testing and to my Dismay the cost for this test was $1.500 that's £950 pounds and at that time and at this time in my life I can not afford it... I have been doing a lot of reading and it seems like the UK have a lot more to offer then the US I see you guys even have a Dyslexia Association helpline....Dyslexia here is also not considered a disability plus we don't have a NHS here it's either health insurance ( and that's a big joke) or it's out of pocket... I feel like dyslexia has held me back work wise where I have had to do Manuel labor all of my life but I know I can do much more then that using my Brain for work and not just muscle.. And because of this I have bouts of depression and anger knowing I can do better then but because it's not classified as a disability it has held me back in the work force... If no one even reads this I just wanted to say this to get it off my chest tonight

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I believe my hubby is dyslexic but it has not been confirmed. Before we were married over the years I noticed the spelling discrepancies but ignored it because he functions and is extremely intelligent and loves fixing things.However, when it comes to doing tests he seems to struggle in his studies. He has developed his own methods over the years to get by. How to go about getting diagnosed or tested.

well i had paid for my and best thing i did, but yes its costly as everything cost money in uk, as there are could be very few-few people will do it for free as its cost them in training and proof of certificate a well learning about it take months or years. of course i love to have to not to pay for tests. as the saying of kind-of "there isn't a thing called free lunch as you have to work for it!!

But i have received my paper about two weeks ago and its a shock for me as well its hasn't sunk in yet!! so truth i have been scored of very severe and i am struggling to understanding it but it slowly getting there as need someone else to help me to understand it

so need to go the-nearest center in order to explain it, unless someone got any ideas please do tell me

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Hi. I am 48 and realised i had dyslexia about 8 years ago. I have just written to my local MP in Wiltshire to put forward to Parliament for free adult dyslexia tests x

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are you 48, you dont look it. i hope you have help , but i tell you this, i am sick and tied, of being treated like a piece of shit,i am about to raise a little hell, and stand up for us who are treated badly because we suffer,with dyslexia. watch this space.

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britan as a strange way of helping , they are telling us if you have slipped through the net,your on your own. makes you fell proud to be british.

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