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Well I have been at my job for a few months now, my team leader is pleased with my work, and did not even realise I have dyslexia as the quality of my work is so high. Although I do struggle with certain elements of the tasks I have to do, I am hitting my targets. I have told my team leader about my dyslexia, he said we would talk about it in the 1-2-1 when he can get the time to do it as the team is the busiest team in the centre. This is so he can put in place ways both him and other members of the team can help me. I really get on with most of my team, they can see how hard I am working and the effort and commitment I am showing to the job. We work hard, but also have some fun while working, I am so proud of myself and what I am achieving and that people did not even realise I have dyslexia, this is as a result of me finding different ways of coping with things or even avoiding certain areas I am not so good on. I will post an update in another few months.

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  • Well done for getting a great job, sound like you getting on very well there and has a great support unit

  • I have found there are people who do care and give help, then there are the others who do not understand how hard it can be, or one case when I was on training as a Care Worker, the trainer come up to my face in the class and told me she did not believe in Dyslexic and would be giving me any help with the training. And that was in Care Work working with disabled people ?

  • Yes videoman, I know I have worked with people who have never even worked with dyslexic people before. They seem to think that I am thick, or causing trouble etc. Some people don't even know how to handle someone with dyslexia either. But some people are supportive and helpful, which is really a nice change. I have in the past been treated very badly by bosses, not least in my 2nd previous job even when they had me talk to a occupational therapist who backed me up and suggested being tested, they wouldn't even have it done at work, or even pay for it up front I would have had to pay then claim it back. I am so proud of myself and how much I have actually achieved by myself and with the help of some lovely people along the way. Non dyslexic's do not realise how hard it is for us, we have to work ten times as hard as they do just to do the same tasks done. As I said my team leader did not know I have dyslexia, which is a testament to me and how I have learnt to cope with my dyslexia. I hope this job works out as I like the team I am on, and don't want to have to start all over again somewhere else. People seem to think I make the fact I have dyslexia up or it is me being difficult etc, when that is not the case. Thank you for commenting on my post, I hope things work out for you too.

  • That is really great news! Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know how you are doing. Very encouraging!

  • Well done yasiam 74! so great to read your post. I am looking for a new job. My worst fear is filling in forms and interview's. I have dyslexia I can read ok but my spelling Is so not good and I lacke convendence its a good feeling when you achivive your goal in life! I hope you enjoy your job God Bless Carol

  • Thank you McGraw, don't give up, if forms/spelling are a problem have a friend or family member help you with them. Interviews are daunting, but the job I am in now I must have come across as confident and answered all the questions he had to the best of my ability even giving examples but I was very nervous. There are things you may be better at, than others so it's just a case of working on them and you will get there. It has taken me a lot of years to get to this point, and have faith in myself, as a lot of the time I have always been put down, or told I wouldn't amount to anything like happened when I was at college. I haven't given up though, and won't let the people who doubt me or try and upset me win. Good Luck and if in doubt use the spell checker on the computer lol!!

  • It funny what you find out about people!

  • What do you mean videoman?

  • Some people have a opened mind and want to known everything, other live in a world of their own and do not like changes. OR DON'T CARE!

  • That's so true videoman, things need to change.

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