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How long does it take you? Thank you spell checker!


Was just reading and writing on the dyslexia blog and realised how long it takes me to do small piece of writing and by the time I've edited it, it takes me ages! lol.

Just wondered what other people do when they write things on the net. Do you take your time, go over the writing, making sure it all makes sense and how many people use spell check?

How conscientious are you when it comes to getting it spelled right and so that it makes sense? Or has anyone pressed the send button then realised whoops! I forgot to edit it!

PS, I think spell checker is my best friend :-)

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it takes forever to write a small bit ! spell checker is a lifesaver but sometimes it can not understand what you are trying to spell !! have to do a lot of word aversion to think of different words !! my Mac is really good as you can see !! but i did want to use a different word for understand but after 3 times i gave up and tried understand !!

i think it depends on who the person is, that i'm writing to with my friends and family i write as i say things, i don't spell check it or proof read it because they all know that i'm dyslexic and understand, but if i'm writing to someone important than it takes a while, i have to write it, read over it, spell check it, read over it again, have some one else read over it then send it......... It's a pain in the rear!!

in a perfect world spell check would understand how my brain works and know what i'm trying to spell.

I learnt over the years to just let your fingers do the talking. especially if you have "mind blocks" as i call them and thats when you try to think of the word, how its spelt etc. so now i Just let my head talk and the fingers do the vocal side. For me as from my piracy/p2p write and dyslexia write both here &

both were done over a period of a few months when ever my mind was flowing freely, so i simply put down what ever came to my mind , I would then go over it bit by bit. But the one big thing thats a mistaken myth, and thats the "fact" that the spell checker gets it right and you wouldnt go wrong with it. I mentioned this on another topic on this site, for a dyslexic of a reading and writing side. If a person who doesnt have any learning issues and yet they themselves still use spell checker, its much harder for us when most of the time what we put down when typing, is what our brains trully believe is the correct spelling. so when spell checker comes to you and says oi thats wrong and gives you several options, how are you to kow which is correct. Especially when most of the spell checkers are in american english, and also dont often get updated that much.

to me spell check is as bad as blooming predictive text, when you are trying to spell a word, itll throw several up and complete the words even if its not the word you were after, causing you to spend more time correcting and getting peeved that a bit of coding couldnt even get it right.

you sound just like me ,

in what sense:)

Im actually not to bad in this area but I always use a spell checker (when I remember) My biggest problem is the grammar and punctuation. Well actually my biggest problem is having so much I want to say but can never actually get it in writing, that is when the words just fail me, its all in my head but just wont come out! when it does come out it is only ever half of what I actually wanted to say.

Yes, very frustrating for you all. As a teacher, I have heard this so many times, but I congratulate you all (without meaning for that to sound at all patronizing!) on going ahead anyway. I like Matthew's idea of just letting your fingers do the talking. After all it's what you want to say that's the most important thing. But I just wanted to say - don't give up. Keep talking - in your way. We listen. Gina

Only found the button on the computer in the last few months wish I had that fifty years ago along with sending first emails .keep trying .

considering email and computers like today were not around 50 years ago, that would be hard lol

Might I suggest the following.

It has really helped me a lot when I have a blog to write.

Open your word processing program.

Create a document.

Use that to write your blog.

Then use the spell check to catch any mistakes.

Then, use the "Cut & Paste" to transfer it to the blog.

Just highlight it.

Then "copy" or "cut" it.

Then "paste" onto the your blog.

It has saved me a lot of time.

Also if you get called away, you can simply save it and come back to it later.

Hope this helps.

My computer has automatic spell and grammar check. Unfortunately it is often wrong! It is a real fight to make it let go and let me send it anyway!

But yes, I usually rewrite and reedit myself as I go.


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