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Dyslexia and me.

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As a person I found education hard and didn't find out I had dyslexia until around a year ago. My career plan is to be an actor having dyslexia is making me work harder as a person and a actor. My school never picked up my dyslexia and It was until my final year in college I was tested and found out, I am studying a foundation degree in drama and hope to get the full honours degree, so not knowing I had dyslexia was a struggle but I got through college I just need to embrace that I have dyslexia and try not to let it effect me in the future.

11 Replies
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Life is full of challenges. How you handle these challenges is what builds character. Never be afraid of who you are.

Einstein once said "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" He did not talk until he was 3 and and his teachers labeled him mentally slow! How wrong they where?!

If you can dream it you can achieve it! Good luck and keep working for your dream

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Well done

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Well done and good luck with the future

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I was very similar to you, except that I was never picked up, so I went through uni on my own! I got my honors degree in teaching drama, and I was very proud of that. But, I would have much rather have been an actor! I didn't follow that dream because, although I was brimming with enthusiasm and talent, I lacked your self confidence. Well done. I agree that you do have to work much harder than everyone else! Good luck and with your experience and positive attitude I'm sure you're heading a for an extremely successful professional acting career.

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I noticed you put up Will Smith's photo, another dyslexic actor. You would be amazed at how many actors are dyslexic. Reading might be a challenge, but dyslexia does give you a couple of advantages over normals, believe it or not. You can think in 3-D and experience thought as reality. You can't just be up on a stage or set. You have to be where your character is and you have to be that character. Your imagination is on the right side of your brain which is the dominate side for you. So yes, embrace your dyslexia, because it IS your creative spark.

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Thank you everyone :) does anyone know of any support groups in Sheffield about dyslexia? I would like have a look at one. Thank you again, made my day for the response.

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Similar to you I was diagnoised in Uni , Although the dyslexia makes you work twice as hard as other students , you will be stronger as a person .DO NOT GIVE UP !! ,No matter how hard it is .Believe me, I could of walked out a thousand times and then some.Make sure you get your 'reasonable adjustements' and support as this will help you. We need more dyslexics to get into good jobs in society - Doctors, lawyers, etc to teach the younger generation , that dyslexia is not a bad thing .Ignorance is.All the best and from the bottom of my heart -prove them that you can do it !!

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The support from here and from uni/college (my degree at a college) is so helpful, thank you, the same to you in life.

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If you don't for over 40 years and everything you try to do as some form of paperwork, and no one tells you what is wrong or understands what is wrong you can go out of your head, not understanding yourself!

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My college sorted me out with a dyslexia test. Thank you everyone, glad I found out instead of 20 years in future, just going to do the best I can in life, that's all anyone can do :)

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Good luck and well done you for being positive x

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