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lot my lob because I have dyslexia

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I have dyslexia and have been bullied at work because I told them. I did my job for 5 years without any problems and then I got moved to a new area where all the problems started. Discriminating remarks have been made against me that I am a danger to patients because I have dyslexia and was placed in an area where it would reduce the risks to patients. I have a report that states I can work as good as my peers, but yet one of my manager stated in a email that I sometimes guess every second word when I read and that is not what the report stated. I achieved my dream and it was taken away by ignorant people that think dyslexic people are stupid.

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Hi! Weewilma, I am very upset about the way you have been treated by your employer. I can tell from what I have read in your post that in the other department you were highly thought of, it really does make me angry when this is happening to very intelligent people who are just as good if not better than their counterparts. Some colleagues do not know, or have never worked with a dyslexic colleague before. I am not and will not defend their actions as I have had enough of the treatment myself. I am proud to see you received the praise and recognition you deserve from other colleagues and in the report and achieved your dream job. I wanted to comment on your post, so you know that you have the support of another dyslexic who knows what you bring to your job and the patients in your care. The bullies are just jealous of you and the respect and recognition you receive for the amount of care and attention you put into your job. Keep up the good work and know you have another friend who is there for you x ;-)

Hi weewilma, surely there is a way of complaining as you are being discriminated against? I know its hard being at work etc but do they not have a complaints procedure that somebody could help you follow. we all have our strengths and weaknesses . Being dyslexic should not stop you doing your dream job, its hard to stand up to the bullies but if you can find somebody who can support you at work would it be worth complaining to a manager higher up? whatever happens don't let them win and make you miserable, good luck.

A danger to patients? It's been proven dyslexics can read patients better than normal people. Your employer is very short-sighted.

I think the real problem is few people really know what dyslexia is (which is why there are so many dyslexics who don't know they are dyslexic.) The attempts I've seen by non-dyslexics to explain it just makes the misconceptions worse.

It may help if you contact the access to work scheme run by the government gov.uk/access-to-work/overview and discuss your issues with them. Reasonable accommodations should be made at work to support you in your new role. for instance text to speech software if long documents need to be read. I hope this approach will be useful to you!

Sorry to hear......

It sounds like you may be working in a medical setting? Unfortunately that is one industry that appears to be very difficult to get into with a known dyslexia diagnosis. I've not come across anyone dyslexic losing their job there before, simply unable to get one as a result of being 'sifted out' at interview. There is still an issue - ethical as much as anything - as to whether to declare dyslexia or other neurodiversity especially in contexts where those you are telling (e.g. Employers) might not really have any idea what the implications (positive as well as 'negative') for you or for them are.

My experience is that dyslexic (etc.) people have to work as educators too. Unfortunately not everyone is open to being educated. In the opinion of many people the medical industry - with its reliance on a 'disease'/'medical' model for everything (rather than a 'social' model) - is one such place.

A huge difficulty is that 'the education industry' may be another....


It may help to read this and show it to any new managers you have

Gosh , clarelr1, that is an interesting piece of writing.

I'm not a nurse myself and didn't know it existed. If I were in nursing I think I would be alarmed if my employer hadn't read it, but would now be able to give them a copy.

I guess there are many more nurses than psychologists, counsellors etc. so it may be that this has led to its publication, but do you know of any other such guides for different vocations?

The awful thing about all this discrimination is that puts all the responsibility back on to us. If we're treated badly at work then it's up to us to complain, it's up to us to make a fuss, it's up to us to educate them! We are usually 'weeded out' at interview level where we are faced with the problem of disclosure. There's lots of competition at work , and sadly people will stab you in the back for petty gain. I'm so sorry to be this negative because usually I sing the praises of dyslexia. Keep strong - don't ever give up. Good luck with your plans.

I only guides I know of are the one above and BDA do a generic guide for employers.

I think your right it would be good to have an overview for diffrent areas of work I think managers struggle to apply the generic guides to there situation.

In my last acess to work assessment they recommended dylexica awareness training so that was usfull so eveyone had a understanding that dylexica was more than reading and writing

I have been fighting this kind of discrimination as a Dyslexic for 50 plus years. People do not know what it is. The best you can do is to start your own business in an area that is like a hobby for you. Forget about these unkind people. You are the only one that can change your life.

I have been fighting this kind of discrimination my self what you have to do is to show then you are going to fight for your rights it is hard but do not back down if you know you can do this job and you want to keep it then show that you are one for this job because now I will not back down and I will shat it out I am Dyslexic . some one tall me all I was fit for was to clean toilets . well I can tell you I am a teacher and have been teaching for 23 years there was a lot of people trying to stop me but I would not give up and now I help people I come a cross with all try's of discrimination do you know Equality Act 2010

Different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone The types of discrimination gov.uk/equality-act-2010-gu... as a dyslexic person you have rights and you need to know then and be like me be proud to be dyslexic please don't give in to then you are a winner show then good luck I am here for you

Don't you ever let anyone treat you different that them. You are perfect in your own way and that email don't delete it. That is discriminating an disabilities person and you let anyone walk over you. However, think of it as a good thing because you have someone to blame other than yourself. Just make sure you document everything that if it comes to play, you have a paper trail for everything. Don't let no one run you from somewhere where you love to work. Keep up the good work's.

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