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How Can I get a Dyslexia Assessment

Hi, I recently got referred to my college eductional psychologist for an assessment, however when i saw him he said dyslexia's 'just a lable' and came out with there is no test for dyslexia which i know ther is as my brother had one when he was at school, anyway after a few months and my arents getting involved he gave me an 'assessment' which said i had dyslexia even tho in the begining he said i didnt. As i've applied to university my tutor told me i can apply for DSA grant (disibility support allowance) which would mean i culd get equipment to help make things easier, I've been informed that without this DSA grant i will recive no help at all, which would mean i will struggle. So i applied for this grant and they sent me a letter saying i havent been tested within the correct guidelines, so when i contacted the psychologist that tested me he bacically said he has tested me propely and that its not his problem

Now i dont know what to do or where i can go to be tested propely, can anyone help?

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Hi Booshbob

I am really sorry to hear about your struggle to get properly diagnosed! Dyslexia is not "just a label" and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Contact your nearest Dyslexia Action centre to ask about assessment as they will be able to do one for you but also let them know about your situation and the current assessment that you have had done as they may be able to advise you on this. dyslexiaaction.org.uk/Page/...



Thank you :)


Tim Francis did mine in London cost £300 but worth it. Just put his name in Google and he will come up


The University may have a facility called the ladds test, to indicate traits of dyslexia. If this proves positive hopefully you will be offered a full assessment by the University.


My son had a dyslexia assessment at school and when he went to university, the assessment was not accepted but the university did their own assessment and he got support, extra time for assignments and exams and the disabled student award.

You should speak to your college/university student support - you should not have to pay for an assessment.


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