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Eating out?

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Where do people eat out in North Yorkshire?? Diagnosed July, on holiday and finding it impossible.

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A lot of places will do salad instead of chips if you ask. We were in North Yorkshire last week. I had fish and salad at the Magpie and a pub in Yedingham did me scampi and salad. I saw quite a few places there who did salads

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LaceyLady in reply to Koalajane

Just been to Trenchers and had a seafood platter👍🏻

Hi LaceyLady, I'm here because my husband is a type2 diabetic, but as his partner, I'm pretty involved in his diet. I'm responding because I felt sad that you have been struggling to find suitable places to eat out. I doubt that North Yorkshire is any worse than anywhere else. The big thing with learning to live with diabetes as a whole is to be able to navigate your way through eating out almost anywhere. It's just horrible to feel that you are the outsider in a group, having little choice while everyone else is eating exactly what they want. It makes you feel deprived and resentful.My husband was lucky enough to have a wonderful diabetes diet class when he was first diagnosed two years ago, which I attended as well and it was for all newly diagnosed folks of any diabetic status.

We discovered that it didn't have to be a case of looking for the most diabetic friendly items on the menu, but on organising your whole day so that you are able to make the odd diabetes unfriendly choice without undoing your diabetic control altogether. I think that's really important, as resentment leads to non or bad compliance in the end anyway.

In fact our diabetes dietician who was a type 2 diabetic herself, said that when she's on holiday she 'forgets' her diabetes, and has a period of really good compliance as soon as she gets home.

I hope these few thoughts might help you a little bit!

My diagnosis was total shock. I had no indications whatsoever. Husband thought I’d had a TIA. I told him to call ambulance because I knew something was wrong but not what, I’ve been a Complementary Therapist fir 23 years with anatomy & Physiology. 2020 I was diagnosed with Peripheral Atrial Fibrillation 😢So this is our first holiday with my T2. Lot of the pub/restaurants do not have salad options and when you get your meal, big enough for 2! The bl***y Apixaban is decimating my hair, nails are flaking 😭 I have booked the diabetic course, but it’s not till October or November, earliest available at home. My glucose levels have crept up since leaving home. They’ve not been making sense, lower before bed and higher in the morning before food. It’s getting me down. Other than physical accidents, I’ve always been fit as a fiddle.

That resonates too LaceyLady as my husband was fine on the Friday and by Monday we could tell something was radically wrong. I too, by coincidence am on Apixaban and I've got the same problem with nails and hair, as if mine wasn't thin enough already. I keep looking around at wigs and wondering.......You're recently diagnosed with diabetes and I know how scary it is to begin with and how much you want to comply with keeping your sugars ultra well controlled. I think that eventually you will find your own way to relax a tiny bit with it all. It's the overall control that counts rather than a few spikes. One thing I insisted on with my husband as an ex nurse was that he use a blood monitoring device. Although they aren't recommended for T2s in UK, I like him to know if there's too much of an upward creep. He's not obsessive with it, and doesn't worry if his levels rise and fall a little, because that's exactly what they do, but it does help to spot a trend in the wrong direction.

Mmmm... it comes as a shock when all these complaints hit us as we age. No wonder Bette Davis said that 'old age is no place for sissies'!

All the best and don't let it get you down!

I was given a monitor kit in hospital, The Royal Berks. I’m taking silica with MSM and been recommended Biotin for hair and nails. I’m not happy taking Apixaban, I already bleed!

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to LaceyLady

Sorry LaceyLady, I won't keep bothering you but I was really interested to hear that you take biotin, as I was taking it too, but I didn't have the opportunity to ask a medical professional if it was OK to take on Apixaban. I just wondered if you'd had a professional opinion on that as I'd really like to start taking it again. I really was finding it very helpful! Glad you have a glucose monitor. I feel that everyone should be encouraged to use one!

No, i haven’t got it as yet. Better off asking a chemist than GP!I usually buy my supplements from Natures Best, they can be good for information.

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CallendersgalGuest in reply to LaceyLady

Oh yes, I know Nature's Best. I think I've had theirs in the past. I'll definitely try to find out one way or the other as biotin does seem to have a really good effect on hair and nails! Thanks LaceyLady!

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