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Technical Issues--- Uploading/Posting Pictures with Postings

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Hi everyone. This is to let you know that there has been some technical issues dealing with uploading/adding pictures to postings. This started on Thursday evening for some members. If you are trying to upload/add a picture for your postings, but the HU site won't allow it, please check the size of the picture you want to upload and post. If it doesn't work after changing the sizes, please send an e-mail message to: and let the Tech. Team know that you're using either a smartphone, computer or both and which browser so they can figure out what has to be done to fix the problem. I personally had a few problems posting one picture last night, but got it to be posted after the 3rd try ( I got the photo to be a smaller size).


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Thanks for letting me know

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Sara_2611

You’re very welcome! Have you reported the issue to HU?

I didnt have an issue I was just reading your message & just replied -so that if i do encounter one I ll know who to contact

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Sara_2611

Thank you for letting us all know that. Much appreciated.

no probs

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