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Big News!: DEXCOM


Hi everyone! This is the update on how the sensor(s) had/hadn't worked.

I have a big surprise! First, I want to say that there were some hiccups here and there during the time I was using the sensor. The hiccups weren't as bad as usual when the sensor wouldn't give readings at the time. They may have gone away, but they came back about 10-15 minutes later and the sensor lasted for the entire 10 days! I didn't have to stop the sensor or get a message saying that anything failed! I'm extremely happy. This is the first one that I never had to call to get a replacement for free! I'm hoping this new one that I had inserted today will work the same amount of time and with no stress. I won't know how it does until it's done with the 2 hour warm up period, but that's okay. I can be patient!

Have a wonderful evening/morning/afternoon everyone and stay happy, healthy and safe! :-)

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That's such good news for a change.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you! I'm happy with the results! :-)

Good morning Leah, this is good and maybe the G6 is settling down so good luck with the new one. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Good morning! Yes, I think it’s really good news about the sensors. I will see what happens with this one and let you and everyone else know when I can.😀👍🌈

Breakfast time now here.😀👍🌈

footgo in reply to Activity2004

That is such good news Leah!

If only you knew why it was so much better than previous sensors. It must be very frustrating for you.

Best wishes with your future sensors!

Take care of yourself,


Activity2004Administrator in reply to footgo

Hi Tim,

Thank you for saying this. Yes, I would like to know why this last sensor was so much less stress than the others and what they did to get it to work the entire time like it was made to do. Until I can figure out what that special thing is, it's just wait and see for how this new one can last. :-)

This morning, I was woken up at 5:30 am and had a small snack. After the snack, I went back to bed and then had to change the time on the receiver since we have Daylight Savings Time starting today out here. With a new system, you would hope that they could make the receivers change with the time-- like with giving blood sugars after the warm up period on its own.:-)

footgo in reply to Activity2004

Yes l am surprised that the time does not change automatically like your mobile phone, especially medical equipment.

What is the time difference now Leah? There were six hours, you being behind.

We have just been speaking to our son in Hong Kong. He is now eight hours ahead of us (GMT). He is keeping well. He had today off and tomorrow so he is feeling relieved.

Best wishes,


Activity2004Administrator in reply to footgo

It’s around 5 hours between the USA and UK(1:13 pm USA).

I wish medical devices would have an automatic time change, so no one would have to do it every time.😀👍🌈

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