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No Readings Alert: DEXCOM


Well, after most of two days of having severe stress from a sensor that keeps going in and out, I keep getting the no readings alert. The no readings alert also goes along with some music to get my attention saying that there's no readings/numbers. When this happens, there will be no numbers/alerts/data for Followers or the user of the system. If you look at the picture included with the posting, you will see that this number is what was being shown when the system hadn't gone away at the time. I put this sensor in on Saturday late night, so this sensor is having a lot of problems. If this keeps up, I may have to call the Reps. at Tech. Support and request a free new sensor. The other thing is, the time I put this sensor in on Saturday, I was told that you had to wait 15 minutes before you can put a new sensor in after stopping the old one. Never had been told this information before, so that's something new to write down in the manual (it isn't in there already).

Well, this is all for right now. More to come soon.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. :-)

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This sounds very stressful Leah as you need a reliable system and I hope that you get this sorted with DEXCOM very soon. I hope that the new system does work better soon as an upgrade should be better.

You take care now and stay safe and well and good luck. 🌈🙏😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

I called the Tech. Support and they are sending me a new free sensor. It should be here in 3-5 business days.

The new sensor is doing okay so far.😀👍🌈

Good grief! I bet you wish you had your old Dexcom 4.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

I like the less testing, but I wish the sensor would last the entire 10 days.

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