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Wednesday Night: DEXCOM


Well, during a lot of the day yesterday and parts of the evening hours before and after dinner, the new sensor from last week was starting to go in and out with results. This was getting really stressful and reminded me that it was acting like the G4's sensors because they only would (hopefully) last for one week at a time. The differences between the two systems are as follows. Once you want/need to change the sensor, you have to wait for 15 minutes before inserting the new sensor. I wasn't aware of this until the Rep. for Tech. Support had told me at the time when I called to request a free new replacement. The other difference is, there are not so many areas you can insert the sensor when using the stomach area. The manual says not to use the middle-- just the sides if you use the stomach. I'm not sure why this would be a problem.

After inserting the new sensor before having snack last night, I had got the receiver to do the 2 hour warm up and then around 12 am/midnight, the numbers started to show up. That was a good thing to see since I was a little worried about not getting anything for the entire night. In this case, I'm glad I was wrong! :-) Made me feel a lot better.

Lunch time here now. More coming soon.

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Hi Leah, this sounds really stressful so poor you I’m glad the new sensor warmed up OK and good luck with it. 🌈😊

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Hi Jerry,

Yes, it's a good thing that the warm up and sensor did what they were suppose to do. I knew things would be okay after I saw the room light up out of no where around midnight/12 am because the light from the receiver is very bright. That's a good thing in case the alarms don't kick in to alert anyone. :-)

Everything so far with the new sensor is going okay today. :-)

Sorry for the delay. :-)


The tough part is adjusting to a new and improved system and hoping you made the right choice in the upgrade, which is scary! Hopefully this process gets better as time goes by and you become expert in its maintenance. The more you learn the better you get.

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The sensors are handmade and may have issues. Unfortunately, I didn't think the first one used would have any trouble. We'll have to wait and see how this one does in the next few days. I'm hoping it'll last and get me to the 13th of June (when it's suppose to be changed). :-)

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