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Should I worry?



I’m not diagnosed with Diabetes, but I've had a couple of symptoms for a long time. I bought a home testing kit, but have only really been testing in the mornings. So, what would you call fasting tests? Most days, it’s been 6-6.3, one day 5.6. Should I be concerned?

Any thoughts would be appreciated seeing as now is not a good time to bother my GP.

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I am pre diabetes and wish there was more support for people like us. Perhaps others on the forum will be able to advise.

Cheers 😯☺😟

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Hi, thanks for responding, when you say ‘us’ you mean those results suggest I’m pre diabetes?! This is very new to me so I don’t want to assume anything?!

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Well firstly, what makes you think you may have diabetes? It is possible those symptoms you have could relate to something completely different. Have you read something somewhere and put two and two together and, hey presto you think you may have diabetes?

After having visited my doctor with tiredness and itchy skin he arranged some bloodtests. The result showed I was anaemic and was also prediabetic.

It appears to me you need answers as this is worrying you a great deal. We can't give you those answers so to put your mind at rest you really need to speak to your doctor about your concerns. Dont put it off, even during this pandemic doctors are there for us. At the moment many of them are ringing patients at home,

Take care, Chrys😐

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Hi, yes I’ve had the same symptoms, I will look at contacting my GP, thanks.

You need to speak to a health professional to have your readings confirmed.

higher than 5.5 fasting is prediabetes, and would make you eligible for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

My husband was diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic some 18 months ago. Nobody has informed him about his this and certainly, he knows nothing about the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme????

Anyone able to help?

There are different providers for different regions, but try this link

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