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diabetes and 6week pregnancy

Doctor suggest me insulin injection for sugar treatment in pregnancy.is it safe or not

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Blood sugar control is of paramount importance.

First did the doctor not tell you to try with proper diet modofication and exercise to bring down your sugar level?

I hope you are in a condition to walk in a park three times a day! Did you not try with food which would not spike your blood sugar such as avoiding Sweets, Sugar , refined carbohydrate such as white rice, maida, bread , potato and some fruits like banana. Take small meals 5-6 times a day consisting of whole eggs, cheese/Paneer, full cream pYogurt , Whole steel cut oats, Dal , leafy vegetables, Almonds, walnuts, and fruits like Guava, kiwi, Avacado, plum.

If you are not able to control your Gestational diabetes by diet and exercise, as per the standard practice insulin injections is the drug of choice for your condition which your doctor has prescribed..

However, nowadays oral medicines like Metformin and /or Glyburide are also being given depending upon the condition. You may like to take a second opinion with another endocrinologist/ diabetoligist / Gynaecologist.

However , diet and exercise should be your mainstay and if you control your blood sugar through diet and exercise, medicines can be minimised or even eliminated even during your pregnancy.



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Make sure there are no hypoglycemic attacks.


Suramo is right. In case your doctors want you to to take insulin, you should be very careful of hypoglycemia. Insulin is known to cause hypoglycemia!



When a person uses insulin, they have to count exactly how many carbs they have so they don’t take too much or too little. Too much insulin can cause low blood sugar and too little can cause the blood sugars to go too high.

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