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Metformin & Peeing!

Silly little problem but I was put on Metformin a few weeks back and since then I have to get up probably 3-5 times during the night. Previously it was once, maybe twice. And also, during the day, when I have to go, I get very little warning, just minutes, and it's a real nuisance.

Anyone else had this problem? Does it settle down? Otherwise I'm going to have to come off it and just rely on diet.

Thank you 😊.

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Have you talked about the issue with your doctor? What are your blood sugars running during the day/evening/night hours? If the numbers are higher, you may have to use the restroom more often.


If blood sugar is on higher side, such problem persist. Pl.check your bs before going to bed. If it is normal, need not worry, this problem will settle down after few days. However it is better to consult your doctor.


As others have said. Hugh blood sugars can make you go a lot. Hi see your doctor and discuss.


I'm seeing my doc next week so will discuss. But, I was diagnosed pre-diabetic 6 weeks ago, put on Sukkarto and also changed my diet to low carb/keto, and I've been strictly adhering to the diet, so my blood should be lower than it was 6 weeks ago!

I haven't got a blood sugar tester as I was waiting to get the one where you don't have to prick your finger, which was/is sold out. Hopefully will be available soon.

Anyhow, I'll talk through with doc next week.

Thanks for your responses


I have been on metformin for 17 years and still have to go 3 to 4 times. Despite what everyone says about diet it is not the only contributor to diabetes. The main factor that increases my blood sugar is stress. Another contributor is lack of sleep. But you must also get enough exercise. If you can possibly control your sugar using diet and exercise and avoid the tablet trap then please do it. I take so many tablets now and anything other than metformin adds to the weight problem.


Thanks Jorock. I do loads of exercise and I'm fit. Doc thinks with me it probably just genetic (got lots type 2 in the family). But definitely want to get off the pills if I can.


This might be of interest.

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