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Is this a side affect


I woke up at 5:30 this morning feeling nausea. Wasn’t sick and just went to bed.

I woke up fine but this weird pressure feeling on my upper back is making me feel nausea and giving me a headache.

I have for a few days had painful sore throat and earache but took a codeine that dissolves but only had one yesterday afternoon. I’ve alqays been have organic nectar agave in my drink.

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Dear GemGem95

Sorry to hear you are suffering nausea along with a headache. This would be something to take to your healthcare professional, however, sometimes this can be resolved by going to a pharmacist to at least troubleshoot the problem. Nausea comes from many things but mostly when something is not quite right internally - anything from a pinched muscle/nerve to an organ having problems. As it is on the inside it is hard to assess. Getting some good advice or a healthcare professional to assess the symptoms could lead you to the appropriate tools to combat the symptoms. It is good to have organic nectar drinks, but when the symptoms persist, you have to go beyond or up the ante in combating your change of condition. Hopefully, when you get the appropriate advice and guidance, you may start feeling better. Here's hoping you will find the cause and get it fixed. Please let us know how you get on and best wishes to you.

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