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New to the forum

Hi. I'm a Type 1 diabetic. I've been like this for 27 years. I have had some past issues with serious hypos that put me in the hospital and I have loss of any hypo warning signs. This led to me moving to a pump system. I currently use the cordless Omnipod, which I really like. I've also recently moved to CGM using the Freestyle Libre, which I'm adjusting to, but am really a big fan. I just feel the need to touch base with others who are in a similar situation.

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Hi TonyJackson,

Welcome to the group. Please feel free to continue posting your postings/comments and questions, adding replies to other member's positngs and comments, taking the polls that are listed on the Polls section on the side of the screen if on a computer and at the bottom if you scroll down when using a cellphone. You can also attend the Monthly Meetings that are held one weekend a month (either a Saturday or Sunday (look for a posting for the meeting)) and of course, meet the other members of the group. Everyone is here to help each other.

Sorry to hear about the severe hypos. you've had here and there. Were they mostly in the night hours? A lot of my hypos. are while i sleep and I don't ever feel the lows, either. This has been for 30+ years as a type 1 diabetic.

When did you start using the Omnipod pump and CGM FreeStyle Libre? What had your doctor said about counting carbs? What was the A1c for your last test?


Hi Activity2004,

I live in the UK (Cambridge) and so I'd be particularly interested in local meeting groups etc.

Unfortunately, my hypos were often in public which made things worse. This, and the loss of hypo warning signs led my diabetes team to propose pump therapy about five years ago. I moved to the Omnipod about three years ago because it's tubeless and the system seems to me to be just 'neater' than other pumps.

I just started with the Freestyle Libre CGM about three months ago. Generally (but not always), there is a good correlation between blood glucose as pleasured by test strips and interstitial glucose as measured by CGM. But CGM is so much more convenient - and it also tells you if you are going up or down.

You mention carb counting. In the UK there are so-called DAFNE courses (see: dafne.uk.com/) and I would strongly recommend these to UK members of this site. They helped me a lot in the beginning.

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Hi Toney. I really do love my Medtronic pump. I have been T1 for more than 51yrs now & never been unemployed in my life. I have two growing up kids & juggling it all is a challenge at times. Pumps are the future & Libres are a a weight off your mind. I climbed Scar-Fell pike in my 50yr of T1 with perfect bg & it was really raining hard, (not possible with blood/finger sticks). Welcome Toney.

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Hi Hobieone

I agree about pumps. Actually, to be a bit pedantic, I wasn't quite correct in my earlier post. Technically, as I understand it, the Libre is a flash system rather than CGM. But, whatever. I agree that the Libre is so much more convenient than finger pricks (although I still do those too, especially if my Libre says I'm moving quickly).

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