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Background retinopathy


I am a little bit concerned about my vision. My last eye screen test diagnosed me as having background retinopathy. I am also B12 deficient and on injections every 3 months. My diabetes is type MODY but I am treated as a Type 2 gere in the UK. Although prescribed metformin I have never taken it as I am worried about the side effects. Initially it gave me terrible stomache ache. My GP took me off it after I confessed I was no longer taking it and he said I didnt need it anyway. But the my diabetic nurse said after my last 3 monthly test that my Diabetes had jumped significantly ans she wanted to have tbe 3 month test again. Have not seen her yet about tbe results. But the other day I bent over to pick something off the floor and I had what can only be described as a massive flow of spakling floaters dropping down my eyes for about 5 seconds. It made me feel nauseous and blurred my vision. I thought a first it was a migrain coming on but it didnt develop. Since then I am seeing more than usual dark floaters and some darkness in the peripheral vision. Is this perhaps one of the effects of retinopathy? I have terrible eyesight anyway with myopia and wear strong glasses but my close up vision is fine. I can read and type this message on my mobile phone.

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What is the stage of your retinopathy ?


Background Retinopathy.



It's early changes of D. If you manage to have your bs under control with diet the changes will reverse completely and you can avoid further retinal damage. Nothing can get you retina back if damaged permanently. Please follow idm and control your bs.

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Thanks Suramo :)


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