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Feeling a bit lost

Hi all,

So I was recently diagnosed with diabetes Type II; as one aspect of metabolic syndrome.

On Wednesday, I met with the diabetes nurse for the first time and it did not go well. In fact, I left feeling depressed, discouraged, and resentful. I also got the impression that I was there not to start on a plan to control the diabetes but as a box-ticking exercise for her.

She gave me no actionable information beyond "lose weight" and even then, she made a lot of assumptions about me and my lifestyle.

I've already lost over a stone - but now I'm feeling a bit like I'm as well just making do on my own rather than going back to her for any sort of "care". Anyone else have a similar experience? What did you do?

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I felt the same,at first,when I was diagnosed last September. I went home and surfed the net. I found Michael Moselely's book on the 8 week blood sugar diet. He was also diagnosed with type 2 and he was reasonably fit and not particularly overweight. I bought his book and the 8 week blood sugar diet recipe book. Two fundamental rules apply.

Follow a lowcarb,low sugar lifestyle. Get plenty of exercise.My doctor supports my choice not to go on meds and I have managed to reduce my blood sugars. It is still a work in progress for me but I feel well and much more positive than I did to start with. The food in the recipe book is tasty and filling. Hope this helps you a bit. Good luck.


Thanks :) I guess it's a postcard lottery. I just expected more actionable information / proactive support from my diabetes nurse. I am bouncing back into a positive mental space but in effect, I am being left to my own devices it seems so any recommendation is helpful :)


I think that, sometimes, health professionals can forget who is in charge of the diabetes support team. You are! They just need a gentle reminder now and then. I have found that going in informed with a list of questions written down really makes them sit up and realise that you are not a box to be ticked but an intelligent human being with needs to be addressed. A couple of times I have had to politely say "Here is how I want to handle MY diabetes. What are your thoughts on it?". As long as you are informed by your own research then you should be ok.

Well done on your weight loss! That is a big milestone and you should be proud. Keep going. We are behind you every step of the way. :)


Thanks Twitch! I was just completely caught on the backfoot! I generally try not to be that person who goes to an expert and says "I started by Googling..." and so I went in there with only a basic understanding of diabetes (thanks to a college roommate with Type 1 and a few friends with Type II. She gave me exactly no new or actionable information beyond lose weight.

I think you're right though: I'm in charge of this program and so getting informed, even if it's not through my diabetes nurse is what I'm going to do. I will still go to the routine monitoring appointments but to check my boxes, not hers! :)

Thanks for the support - it's just what I need at this point!


Hi @ ladyknowledge,

Do you have any lab-reports of Blood test to assess your health condition? If not, is it possible to get a few such tests done?

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