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High Risk Pregnancy factors


My wife is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and having HBa1c 10.50.

She is 6 weeks pregnant.

Please let us know what are the risk factors involved during this period for the baby??

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Is she on medication? If so, which ones?


The high risk for your unborn baby from the diabetic mother is uncontrolled BSL during pregnancy. Your wife's HbA1C is higher than the normal range (less than 6.0%). If she normally takes medication to control her BSL level, she needs to have her doctor reviewing her medication regime for a better control. Also the right diet and regular light exercise that suitable for pregnancy required throughout her pregnancy. Remember, uncontrollable BSL is extremely harmful to your baby resulting many health complications. She needs to have close consultation with her doctor (s) to ensure everything will going fine to the baby and herself. Most likely she may have to inject some insulin if the BSL level won't come down with medication and diet. Do not worry too much, everything will be okey.


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