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Help me find out why my feet and legs are swelling

Will anyone tell me if your type 2 diabeticwhy is the gp showing no concern that in the last 3 months my feet and ankles are swollen to bursting and painfull never had this before ? i was diagnosed around 6 ys ago after retinal detachments and have kept my bloods good from diet and excercise no meds well am on bagfulls just none for diabetis, so back to the q i am going away in sept for 3 weks and know i cannot get my shoes on now so how will i manage in a hot country and a long flight? seen a locum and she said oh we will stick anothr test( think a protien one) on top off your diabetic blods in a couple of weeks, so i will get my bloods done the seventh of August wait for my results on the 28th and just hope in the day after my feet are fine as thayt is when i fly??? and so scared of what will happe to my feet i am a 56 year old fit and ( was ) active

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you should have a lab test for kidney, blood, urine etc. and show it to your doc.


Have you made another appointment with your Endocrinologist? What did he/she say?


Time to jump up and down at your doctors. Ask for an emergency appointment. walk in without your shoes on as the don't fit and have it out with your doctor.

let us know what happens.

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