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Diabetes and stroke

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I'm Nse, new here. With diabetes (2009) and stroke (2012), I'm tired of orthodox medics. What other options do I have? What herbs can I take to effectively manage them?

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Are you type 1 or type 2? What did your Endocrinologist put you on for meds.? Please talk to your Endocrinologist.

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What meds are you on now? Do you watch your carbohydrate intake - that would help you keep control of your blood glucose levels but generally there are no "herbs" that will control diabetes (whatever some internet sites may say!). You need to watch your diet, take your medications regularly and generally eat healthily. Have a look on the diabetes.org.uk website where there is so much helpful information. If you live in the UK, speak to your GP/Diabetic Nurse about educational courses like Xperthealth.org.uk which is very helpful in updating your knowledge of diabetes.

You could always look at the diabetes.co.uk and the DietDoctor websites. They have lots of really good advice and resources.

I got rid of my T2 by buying myself a blood sugar meter and following the advice given in Reverse Your T2 Diabetes by Dr David Cavan on how to keep my blood glucose low, you can always look at Dr Taylor's Newcastle Project and the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet.

The Newcastle Diet was very low calorie (I think) and the other two are are LCHF (low carb, high fat)

I followed Reverse Your T2 and it worked for me. I know that if I go back onto my old carb eating ways I'll probably end up T2 again so I've made a lifestyle change.

If you've been given meds then I wouldn't stop taking them without consulting your doctor.

Thanks. Logging in to diabetes.org.uk

That's good. Have a look on here - it's good too dietdoctor.com/low-carb you will find an online course about eating LCHF.


just try come to this website jembatankesehatan.com/obat-...

I have been on a low carbs and no added sugar, with healthy protein and I am getting great blood glucose readings now. I also have a lot about my journey here on my website. A diet rich in plant-based foods will eliminate a lot of illnesses. Check this out: howtocontroldiabeteswithdie...

Love your website :)

Thank you.

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