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Diabetes Wellness Network

Diabetes Wellness Network

Joining the Diabetes Wellness Network is a step to the right direction to good self-management.

Membership of the Diabetes Wellness Network is for people with diabetes or anyone who can benefit from an improved understanding of the condition. The network is our growing group of subscribers with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Our aim is to bring people with diabetes together through the sharing of knowledge and experience, as well as providing important health advice. What do I get when I subscribe to the Diabetes Wellness Network?

You will receive 12-monthly issues of the Diabetes Wellness News, quarterly good health pocket diaries and discounted attendance of residential Diabetes Wellness Events. We hope that we can provide the inspiration and encouragement, as well as the practical advice, necessary to help people really get to grips with their diabetes.

The Diabetes Wellness Network and associated annual event programme, was set up to enable people with diabetes to learn more about their condition and to share information and lesson’s learned from personal experience. We believe that improved understanding is the first step towards better diabetes control and enhanced quality of life.

New subscribers are always welcome. You can JOIN ONLINE immediately and benefit from a REDUCED FEE subscription instantly drwf.org.uk/user/register

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