Mini stroke had all the symptoms were like but hospital report says induced stress

My name is Andrew Auld

I worked one of the biggest company in the uk called B&Q my store in Slough

I work with the company for 19 years

On Saturday March 19th I was working in the store as a greeter. I was happy not stressed

But suddenly I felted light headed dizzy and crushing pain in chest. Okay I through I needed a drink so this pain was getting worse then I walk to the trade point and a duty manger and checkout superadvisor was with there rang 999 amblunance and my arms both weekness and my face dropped and my pulse was low and my speech slurred. I know it a sign of mini stroke then admitted to hospital then I was there one day and then discharged in hospital and the report said stress induced but I was not stressed and this is a mystery a but now in June I had a meeting at my job because I was on a final warning and as I had no evidence stroke effective I had been force to be Dissmised from my job which I think is unfair

As the mini stroke I had only last 24 hrs and was Dissmised

I would through a leading company like B&Q would understand what I went through


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  • speak to remploy - might be able to advise if this is correct procedure for them to follow ?

    Good luck !

  • i work with the council and they have been amazing think u should speakto a lawyer as they not allowed to use a disability to get rid of u doesent metter how meny times u been off before the stroke a company that big should no better

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