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I am new here. My partner had a stroke 12 weeks ago, he has made very good progress but his left hand and fingers are still very slow with movement. His left side was affected he has movement in his shoulder and elbow but just the wrist and fingers. He is getting very frustrated. He is in rehab 3 times a week. He is also very emotional and cries very easily. Does anyone have any suggestions please how we can get more movement in his wrist and fingers. Thank you

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From my perspective, your partner is doing great! The farthest body parts are the slowest to recover. Nerve repair is slow. Your partner should ask the OT or PT for exercises that can be done at home. Even if movement is not visible he/she should continue to try to move. My favorite stroke recovery book is Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine.

Don't be discouraged! My wrist and hand are into their third year of recovery, and they continue to improve. M

Thank you for your response. I do have this book and find it very helpful. We are working on the hand every day and we are seeing small improvements. When you have been very active and played golf 3 to a week and now you can’t even hold a club it’s very frustrating. But we are improving so we have to be happy with that.

I have been doing art work for the past year with my affected hand. I am drawing and painting to exercise my fingers and wrist. I don't care what the result looks like. I have used tempera paint and colored pencils, and sometimes pastels. This approach has worked well.

I had the same problem my physiotherapist suggested i rub mybhand as much as possible and although it may sound silly talk to the hand to encorage movement youhave to remind the brain that the hand is still there keep on trying it does work and good luck after a stroke you have to retrain the brain and help it to recover after three and a half years i have movement in my left hand although i is still a little weak

I quite understand the frustration it comes with the problem

Take care andgood luck

Google “ mirror therapy”- this helped me immensely and i always liked to do it. Your mind believes what you tell it tell it positive things- “ I can do it, I will do it” etcetera... Keep me posted please. Another good book is called “Stroke Rebel” new out, you can purchase it on Amazon, best wishes, Cindy

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