hello all i am new to the site i had stroke in early june 2017 i am now home i can walk with a tripod and get about in my wheelchair but have good days bad days i dont see a lot of improve ment on my left side but others ie family and phisio say there is i am a bit impatient expecting things to get better overnight but dont see it realy getting me down now that i cant do the things i used to before this happened feel my life is ruined by this and will never return to the person i was

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  • It is an adjustment. You will find out you are stronger than you know. Yes things will be “different” but you must be willing to keep an open mind as sometimes like you said “ improvement may not happen over nite.

    Click on my site name, “ wittycjt” then hit profile and you can read some of my posts, especially the one entitled “ my thoughts on this awful disease”,

    Do this with others as well, you will be amazed at the similarities of how you are feeling take care, Cindy

  • thanks cindy i am54 from st andrews in scotland i was a taxi driver before this stroke but not sure when or if i can return to doing that

  • I don't know if the driving requirement differs in Scotland but in England the DVLA Medical Group would assess whether you can retain a licence. They would then refer you to an assessment centre where you are given a cognitive test by an occupational therapist followed by a test on a rig, driving on non-public roads and then on public roads. I will be doing this in the near future although I had a clean Group 1 licence for 50 years before the stroke.

  • I was 53, now 56, I understand. I re iterate, please give yourself time. Hugs, Cindy

  • Bluenose63 where are you from and tell us about yourself, age, work, retired, location, welcome, Cindy

  • Welcome to the forum. It takes time. I had a stroke in July 2016 and whilst I had use of my limbs and I could speak, I couldn't read a newspaper, didn't know where our bathroom was in our small bungalow and I'd forgotten loads. I relearnt using a computer but it's taken over a year to be able to shop whilst being blind on the right hand side, until six weeks ago I couldn't do Suduko but, I've just heard that I can have a disability driving assessment to see if I can have a driving again. Come back and chat


  • Really early days x

  • Hi Bluenose63, You can still improve. Be patient with yourself. It takes time and daily effort with your exercises will make a difference. I had my stroke in April 2016 and while I can't run have seen a lot of recovery. friends and family can be a great help especially once they understand that you are effectively starting life all over.

  • I know how you feel, i had my stroke in 2014 plus falling and having to have my hip pinned and dislocating my shoulder all on my stroke side. I fined it hard as you remember how you used to do things as wish you still could. All you can do is keep trying every day to improve. I know i will never be able to do somethings like i used to but try to do a little each day. I loved to knit and can now knit small items with no too much pattern but knit differently than how i used to. So all i can offer is to say keep trying to the best of your ability. GOOD LUCK

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