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2 years ago Glucose Tolerence Test detected type2 for me. My Hb1AC level is <5.5 always since then .Should I check again if I am diabetic ?

2 yeasr ago Glucose Tolerence Test detected ype2 dibetis for me. Since then my Hb1AC is always under 5.5 . I take Glycomet 500 once after breakfast daily. Whats is the likelyhood that the diabetes is cured ??? Is there any test to acertain this ?

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5.5 hba1c is normal only.but 500 glycomate is there .i feel with more care u can avoid the medicine.advice to take one glucometer and test with record at diff times the sugar and u will come to know your self where u stand .u are very basic diabatic. i have got 250 and 500 met forming with gp1 after lunch and dinner.and hb a1c is less than 5.5.but glucometer i get in night some times 170 sugar.if i make 250 and 250 metforming hba1cslitly increases to 6.5 in two months.depending on the glucometer i decide the dose og medicine.


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