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Diabetic Tea

Diabetic Tea

"NUPRO TEA”, natural herbal tea, according to an ancient recipe, has been proved safe and effective for the control of diabetes and many more benefits in a natural way. Diabetic and non-diabetic people can use this product. Health benefits of "NUPRO TEA" natural Herbal Tea.

As a diabetic person,

this tea ensures Lowering the blood sugar levels, Help to reduce renal and kidney failures, Help minimizing life threatening, reduce all other cautions of diabetes and user can reduce the dosage of other medication or insulin treatment.

As a non-diabetic person,

this tea will Refresh the body, React as an anti-oxidant, Prevent diabetes, Enhance a good blood supply, Enhance good sexual vigour, Restricts the increase of blood cholesterol, Help to control high blood pressure, Help fight cancer, Reduces cavities ,Maintain a reasonable body weight and help to digest food, Reduce gastritis and Cure constipation.


Peti thora(cassia thora), Attikka(ficus racemosa), Madan(syzygium cumini), Kubuk(terminalia arjuna), Aralu(terminalia chebula), Bulu(terminalia bellerica), Nelli(phyllanthusemblica), Nerenchi(tribulus terrestris), Uluhal(trigonellafoenumgraceum), Cinnamon(cinnamomum zeylanicum), Wel penala(cardiospermum halicacabum), and three more Ayurvedic herbs, with Pure (green & black) Ceylon tea. Using Procedure Immerse a tea bag into 200ml of boiled water & leave it for 3-4 minutes & stir, remove the tea bag and drink it plain, without sugar. Please do not Re-heat, always drink it hot. Non-diabetic can drink two cups of tea with one sugar daily. Diabetic patients should take 3-4 cups of tea per day, if you take any other medication or insulin treatment please continue with this tea for one month, after one month check the blood sugar level and reduce the other medication or insulin treatment step by step according to the blood sugar levels. To get full benefits please drink this tea continuously and try to avoid sweets, artificial flavoured food and drinks. Guarantee This product has been clinically tested and approved by department of Ayurveda, of Sri Lanka & contains 100% Natural herbs. No artificial, flavours, colours and no side effects. A strong & more effective, refreshing tea brown in color, good in taste and it is 100% working.

one pack ( Rs.500) consist of 40 tea bags. Further details contact: a.palanikumar 9444959938 apalanikkumar@gmail.com healthandwealthproducts.blo...

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This product has been clinically tested and approved by department of Ayurveda, of Sri Lanka - Where we can find the test reports.


We r importing this tea packs from srilanka on our name. i will try to get the reports frm them and get back to u.Last 5years we r given to our customers with best results.


Mr.Kanibabu. Mr. KS Reddy is asking you the right question. but your answer can not satisfy Mr. Reddy and even

myself. If you have any report pl. pl send him.


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