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Why diabetics

Firstly, the creator has destined you to suffer from illness during your life on this earth, hence any kind of illness, including diabetes also. Otherwise, how can a new born have diabetics, especially when the family - both in the line of father and mother - do not have any history of diabetics. Leaving aside this major factor, heriditary is the major contribtor. But the most important factor is wrong diet and poor exercise. Balanced diet will help control any illness to certain extend. But the more you burn your calories, less the chances of diabet. So, friends, do your duty of balance diet and regular exercise, rest leave up to God.

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the creator has allotted certain fixed quotas of food for you.out of that we finish our favorites very soon so God says Well, you have eaten your favorites very fast, what about the remaining quota,now I am giving you a very funny disease in which you will not die,but all that chicken biryani. aloo ka paratha,double omlette,three pegs of rum ,four sqare cigrette and other assorted luxries are the things of past and sugarless tea,simple roti,louki,karela,palak,bhindi beans and other simple living and high thinking materials are left in pending quota of food. So be happy,take it as a destiny and enjoy the life.Amen.


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