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Diabetes... Big hue and cry

In this forum I have seen many learned gentlemen are giving advices and sharing experiences.But many advices are loaded with so much of technical jargons,so called researches from foreign countries{like ADA etc} that only confuses a layman.Firstly, a diabetic is already a scared person,secondly you start advising him with so many GL EL CL ML and the like which are most of the time not understood or beyond approach.Sirji, why not tell a person to eat a SIMPLE INDIAN food,do some exercise,if nothing go for a walk and take a good Indian medicine, live a STRESSFREE life and be happy.Thoses resarches done in western countries,their trials are carried out on rats and rabits.In these trials,of course,you can collect the technical datas,but these poor animals can not speak their emotions,and emotions or thoughts play a great part in keeping a person either healthy or sick.Then these trials are carried out in thirld world countries where the target is so poor that for a few hundred rupees they simply die because of these trials{there are News of such trials you must have come across}.These or most of these medicines are banned in the origine of their own countries but in India they are freely available even without prescriptions.Mahrishi Charak, the great exponent of Ayurveda had carried out all his trials on actual human being and on himself so as to assess the psyco_somatic impact also,which is very essential for the treatment of a patient.That is why in Ayurveda and Homeapathy, a doctor always asses your temperament or TASIR and then prescribes the medicines.Please do not scare a diabetic,help them to live a joyfull life ...in a simple way.

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What is TASIR?


TASIR is the word describes your body and mind. Your body may be acidic or alkaline in nature.If your body is acidic then your palms and soles may be giving burning sensations most of the times.Medicines having iron contents are not suitable ,particularly low dose of medicines may not give required results.A alkline body cools the high acidic contents,responds to all types of medicines and generally remains healthy.TASIR is denoted best by temperament of your body and mind,your thinking,your choices,your reponses to various situtations in your life.A intelligent and thinking doctor takes into consideration all these factors and then treats the patient unlike modern medicines where Disprin is recommended for all including animals.You might have come across Vaidys and Homeopaths asking even the colours you like,seasons you like,music you like and so on and so forth.


Thanks Kamtadale. It helped


Dear sir,

Nice ti see your frank and true comments.

Diabetics are mostly well informed, educated and often over treat themselves with multiple prescriptions, following their own combinations.

No one can frighten them.

I agree with you.

If one can lead a simple life , eat only when hungry,eat only natural satvic food just enough for his basic energy requirements, and has inherited from his parents, the genes to handle stress, lives and plans for one day only at a time(Not storing of food or money or planning for owning a property ) he may have no diabetes. and will need no drugs even if he were to be a diabetic now or earlier.

Many yogic gurus are diabetics untested, showing no symptoms, because of this pattern of living which is not within reach of most of us.


I agree with this.Many comments written by these gentlemen are contradictory in itself,they further confuse .Please don't read these blogs,if read throw away from your mind.Please do brisk walking daily for an hour,take very small portion for your diet each time for 5-6 times per day,take proper medicine as advised by your doctor,live a simple and free stress life,donot use any intoxication.thanks


Kindly do NOT under estimate the readers.....

It is not long before Indian readers respond with queries regarding technical things about diabetes, right nutrition benefits andother related subjects. Nothing is too technical for a person who wants to understand.

Other wise "how does light go ON when a switch is put ON ?" is also highly technical. ( Try to tell a year old child this....)

Not understanding is Not a crime....Not wanting to understand IS....

“Too soon old! Too late smart! “- George Bernard Shaw.


Foot Note: TASIR is too technical for me,but I understood the meaning , thanks to you and one of the readers who asked what it is. ....

That is what I meant by empowering with knowledge.......


This true & we should we beware of such malpractices adopt by agents/suppliers/mfs.




I too agree that many of the blogs are cumbersome and hard to follow. Still it is helpful to be aware of certain fundamentals like keeping the carbs intake low and necessatity of exercise. There is no point in keeping your eyes closed to such facts.


cent percent correct


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