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Diabetes 2 is blessing in disguise


Firstly diabetes is a disorder. As of today it cannot be set right. We have a gallon of blood in Our body , allowed sugar level is only a spoon content of glucose. This has to be borne inMind to understand this disorder. That means your input of direct carbo should be nil if

You want to live happily withiout medicine and healthily. This can be further explained as follows, avoid rice , white sugar or any other sweet products. This boils down to the fact a diabetic person should become a Vegan without fruits. Once you become vegan your mind will be free from this problem. With regular weight resistance training and cardio exercises

You will become excellently fit. You will be comfortable with this disorder and you can carry on your normal life. Otherwise if you don't control your tongue you will both mentally and physically vexed wasting your lifetime with doctors and you will only SURVIVE not live

I only tell truth

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I think your conclusion of becoming vegan is perplexing, since all vegan food contains carbohydrate. All carbohydrate is glucose to your body.

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One needs to eat some carbohydrates.How much depends on several factors such as the person's level of physical activity,age,how long he has been a diabetic etc.So,I feel it should be decided on individual basis.But a generalized principle could be to eat carbohydrates as less as possible and keep up good health.

Concerned in reply to Hidden


You are right, one should avoid direct carbo vegetables, grains and fruits. Thanks

I personally believe that what Mr Chinnamanur has rightly said that one can happily live and

for longer period if one controls his/her tongue to control his blood sugar level.We should

eat to live not live to eat.

Right & valuable suggestion. Even if more carbo is taken on account of eating habits, cant the situation be still controlled with proper amount of exercise & work load. Perhaps, our lifestyle is more responsible for bringing in the disease!!!.

chinnamanur in reply to robust

Exercise cardio and weight resistance training will keep you fit , must for all whether

Diabetic or not, even yoga is good but the truth is it cannot give desired results if you are not taking medicines. If you take medicines, it is a must to do walking amd other cardio exercises.

I concur with his views.

Dear Chinnamanur,

The point that diabetes is a blessing in disguise has not explicitly brought in the discussions above. I agree with Chinnamanur, because a diabetic has to keep watching his health in totality and control his food, exercise and medicines to keep in better health regularly. A non diabetic may not do regularly these precautions as he may assume everything is Ok until some major problem surfaces. This is true in older age.

Hence for those taking good acre of health by continuously watching various parameters and consulting doctor when required, can have a very good and healthy life than a non diabetic.

Request for readers opinion on this.

chinnamanur: while agreeing with you in principles, I have not cut out totally on deserts or rice. I take 50-100 gram raw weight boiled Indian Basmati 2-3 meals in the week and have had measured quantity of deserts 2-3 times a week. So far my HBA1C has been going down by 0.175% per week (down from 11.6% to 7.2%) and I have taken no blood sugar control medicine. (On non desert days, I take minimum two servings of fruit)

Great post, but cant agree to the term " blessing " :) food, being very subjective matter and this diseases seems only affects what one could eat and that too so badly. The choice seems forced to many and that too for their rest of life while their peers enjoy a different life. The root cause of genetic mutation link is still missing and some day may be a permanent cure will be found. Unless we can survive, struggle or say reversed!

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