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Let me know the sciatica increase the blood sugar level from normal to 170/190

I am suffering by sciatica problem for the past 3 years. but sever for one year. I am diabetic for 10 years. Now the sugar level increases from normal to 170/190. Whether the increase is due to sciatica problem. There would not be any other reason.

How to solve this sciatica problem and reduce the sugar level.

Now I am taking morning and evening in total 2 Dianil tablets. now i feel the sugar level is 130/160.

Is this formula is correct.. sciatica problem i am taking siddha medicine for past three months. a little bit improvement i am feeling. Tell me any other idea


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Dear Sir

My wife took Siddha treatment for almost a year and could not get relief. One day one of my friend gave me the address of one acupressure specialist doing free of cost treatment , he also warned us that there will be lot of pain while he will be pressing some nerves. We went to him , my wife really started weeping ( though she is very strong) when he pressed her nerves. He called her thrice but we could not go third time and in two times my wife became more than 75% ok. ( In fact we left the place and could not go there again).

The exact address I donot remember but there is one very old sardar ji in cycle market Ludhiana who does this. He comes to his factory around 11.30 ~12 and goes back around 2 pm, lot of near by villagers come and get relief .

If it is possible for you to go to Ludhiana , u can try and i would request if any reader gets his address , pl forward it on this as i have excellent experience.

Sunil Mittal



Thank you sir for your reply. I am from Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli. i don't know whether it is possible to go Ludhiana. But How ever i will try to go over there, if it is possible to give me the correct address. or his mobile no.

Thankin you.


mr. mahendran. You think about your case as same as to that of Sunil mittal. I am from chennai, and will be shortly visiting my son at Thiruchirappalli. you can blog me in these columns then to locate you. But in the mean while please not that your sciatica problem is increased due to diabetes and not the sciatica increases the diabetes. Any diabetes,goes weak without resistive power and all his sufferings increase due to diabetes.


Sciatica is due to compression of the sciatic nerve(the last nerve emanating from the spinal column) by the vertebrae that might have been damaged,You have to consult an orthopedic surgeon for relief.Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and has no direct connection with sciatica,other than restricting your mobility and thereby depriving you of vital body exercise.


Thanking you sir, I am very glad on receiving your reply

I undergone MRI scan in which we found from L1/L2, L2/L3, L3/4, L4/L5< L5/S1 discs are bulging. The bulging gradually increases from L1 to S1. By experience, I realize my belly may makes my sciatica problem. But My Guss might not be true. so passed this question on doubting the diabetic. How ever the orthopedic surgeon is advising to take treatment through physiotherapist. Otherwise he leads to operation on the disc. I am not preferring the operation. And also the physiotherapist exercise makes too much pain on my leg. so I am not preferring this treatment. IS there any other treatment for the relief.



Mr.Mahendran,I have a suggestion.Please reduce your weight gradually even by a few kilos ,say 5 kilos.There will be tremendous relief for your spine.For back pain,there are only two options.Either surgery if it is possible or physio therapy which is very effective if done properly.What ever you do,weight reduction will help you greatly.I have some experience in this.I suffer from disc degeneration.My only remedy is either ointment or physiotherapy.I am not suffering only occasionally now..


Thank you sir

Let me know how to reduce weight by home medicine. because I am not able to move or walk even 250 meter. or do excise.


Medicine is not the right choice for weight reduction,I believe.The other options are

1.Aqua aerobics:You know in the water the weight of the body gets reduced due to buoyancy.,so that you can move freely.Please search for Aqua aerobics in You tube.There are some videos there.2..Next,search for TAI CHI in you tube.It is a kind of dance from chinese martial arts.It is called Meditation in motion.Looks vert simple but gives lot of exercise.See a number of videos on this and adopt to suit your style.I am doing this myself.It is highly adapable.


If you are from Tiruchirappalli you meet the Ayurvedic doctor Dr Manikkasubramanian at SRIRANGAM, TrICHY. This is just opposit tbuildind to the Arch above ICICI ATM in 1st floor. My friend suffered due to this and got cured. But, diet control is must and he will suggest you to avoid some vegetables. Best wishes


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