An ancient and Surprising technique for detoxification and disease prevention Oil Pulling

This post is not about diabetes but deals with minimising effect of infection on health and indirectly better management of diabetes

Do you read behind every mouthwash bottle for the best results? Or what is the best toothpaste for your teeth?.May not There can be many ways of maintaining oral hygiene. One ancient and traditional remedy is called oil pulling.

Oil Pulling ages some thousands of years back, originating in India.

Oil pulling is a process or treatment in which detoxification and cleaning of teeth and gums take place. There are lots of benefits to this,

The technique behind this Ayurvedic oil pulling is that the natural substance, especially oil is swished (Kavala Graha in Ayurveda) or held in the mouth for some time.

The time in between waking up and sleeping again -your mouth is the area through which maximum harmful bacteria can enter your body. This can result in many diseases. Thus cleaning or pulling out of toxins or these bacteria is critical. The oil swishing technique does this.

It also improves your oral health by getting you rid of the harmful bacteria in the mouth. It also helps in oral detoxification and cleaning, whitening of teeth, curing many diseases like arthritis, asthma, infections and skin problems, liver and stomach problems, headache or migraines and throat infections. The list of benefits associated with this therapy too long.

The oil that you use is also crucial to be thought about. The oil should be a high-quality oil (edible). Edible coconut oil is the commonly used oil for this efficient technique.

It may sound complicated as it takes out the toxins from your mouth but the process is simple and easy.

When you get up from the bed early in the morning, do this before eating or drinking anything. Edible oils like sesame, olive or coconut oil can be used Take 1–2 tsp.of the oil into the mouth. If the oil has become frozen, then let it melt in your mouth first. Now swish your mouth with this oil for around 20 mins. Should be adopted for around 3–4 times. Let the oil go back and forth in between all your teeth and then throughout the gums for effective cleaning.

Be cautious about the timing. If you do it for less than 20 mins, it will not be able to pull out the toxins effectively. It’s also a problem if you do it more than 20 mins,.there is a chance of reabsorbing the toxins back into the stomach and mouth.. Swish:Till the clean and the thick oil gets thin, white, milky and consistent.Do not gargle with this oil as you may swallow the toxic oil back into your body. When you are done, spit it out in the toilet or the septic sink.After completion rinse your mouth well with warm water to remove any leftover oil, even gargle and spit it out again.You can also use a tongue cleaner for effective cleaning to remov e the oil coating.Now brush your teeth well with a proper toothpaste. You can use mouthwash at the end. Preferably organic.

Repeat every day and continue this for around 1–2 months to mark the difference.T

This technique is full of benefits. The oil that you use has fatty acids and lipids. These things reduce the attachment of the bacteria to the teeth as well as gums.Thus the effect of bacteria is reduced, and oral health is maintained. Apart from this, there are many other benefits too.

The various benefits from this remedy are as follows.

1.You can get rid of your bad breath by Oil pulling. It removes the Streptocmutantbacteria which is the main reason for tooth decay.

2.It reduces the presence of plaques which is important for healthy teeth and gums. Even the gingivitis and periodontists disease is cured.

3.It reduces the dental cavities.

4.It stimulates the lymphatic system and removes the toxins from the vital organs.

5.It helps in whitening of the teeth. The oil contains natural antibiotic and antiviral properties which clean your teeth and keeps then whitish.

6.It helps to get clearer skin as blood becomes cleaner without any toxic and waste content. By oil pulling, even rashes and scars are reduced.

7.Digestion is improved, and many stomach and digestive problems are solved.

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  • Good for oral hygiene .

  • Only proves that FAT is good for dental health also. Many of us who switched to LCHF diet can vouch for improvement in dental health -- no bad smell, no gums bleeding etc. So, bacteria seems to love CARBS and Sugar :)

  • If i have a carby meal I get some sort of coating in the teeth

    Absent when I on on regular low carb


    Nice info

  • Also chewing garlic cloves, onions. Stinks but works as well

  • Great information, thanks. It's interesting to know other health benefits apart from oral health as stated in point 4, 6 and 7.

  • rvmasalvad

    Very good information.

    1) usually til tel is used.

    2) tooth decay and pyorrhoea are related to chd.

  • Is this correlation due to low levels of vitamin c....?

  • Shashikantiyengar

    No. That's scurvy. Bleeding gums. Vit c is required for formation of connective tissues. Lack of it causes poor and immature connective tissues. So bleeding gums and tendency to form hematimas on impact / blunt injuries.

    Pyorrhoea and tooth decay because of poor oral hygiene. Don't know how related to chd but there is increased incidence.

  • Both -- Dental/Oral health and CHD/CVD -- linked to HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

  • As per Linus Pauling CVD is a sub clinical scurvy caused due to vit c deficiency

  • and diabetes is sub clinical 'Rickets' due to Vit. D deficiency :)

  • All the diseases have roots in the nutrition

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Scurvy. Clinical or subclinical. Bleeding gums. Poor oral hygiene. Defective connective tissue. Gums and all the tissues of body vulnerable to injury and infection. Blood and glucose are two most potent sources of nutrition to the bacteria. Inflammation. Cvd cva chd

  • Everyone on hear start looking into 💯% pure essential oils I have been researching and finding some help!

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