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I am the only fortunate one in the family, both on the maternal and paternal side not to have diabetes. My mom died of it and ever since I have been on the lookout for solutions. Learnt diff holistic healing practices, studied herbs, spoke to a lot of people who deal in various kinds of medicines etc.

The day before yesterday after meticulously following my instructions, her sugar levels dropped from 450-500 and two injections a day to 98-104. This took 4 long months. I then asked her to stop even my course and its been 2 months that her sugar levels are still between 98 and 104.

I have had the misfortune to have other patients who do not follow the course diligently or omitted to give me a feedback to enable me to actually tabulate the rate of success or the level of success.

Please do call me on 919637910949. Hari Pai-Angle or write at


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  • i am diabetic for more than 40 years and taking allopathic medicines and diet control, walking, yoga etc. I do not follow strict diet control and also yoga exercises. for last 2 years or so i am on Insulin (one time 10 units) plus tablets. I am 70 years. I also underwent cabg operation in 1996. I tried drinking karela juice, methis seeds water and other herbal medicines but could not bring my sugar levels much. With allopathic medicines my sugar levels are fasting between 80 to 140 and ppbs are 140 to 250 or 280 max.

    I wish to know what system/method/herbal medicines can help me get rid of insulin injections in the first place. thanks for any one giving tried and tested method.

  • pls contact me on or call on 9637910949 as I cannot put this on an open forum. The medication is a system tailored to individuals.

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