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'Shibashi' - 18 Exercise Techniques

During one of my business trips to Hong Kong in early eighties, I noticed groups of local people of Chinese origin practicing some peculiar form of slow dance or exercise in public garden, regularly during morning hours. I asked few of my friends then in Hong Kong, what exactly is this and the purpose. I learned, it’s commonly known as “Tai Chi” and being practiced by Chinese for healthy and longer life for many generations.

There was hardly any reference material or books available those days to get more information on this form of exercise, though interesting. I was young and energetic to even think of learning and practicing such form of exercise when outdoor sports, swimming, jogging etc. were commonly used methods for general health maintenance.

In my early fifties, I started feeling need of some slow but gentle exercise on regular basis to keep myself healthy and energetic throughout my day to day activities. After going through various options, I decided to learn and practice Tai Chi. I could manage to get some information on internet and establish contacts with various international schools providing Tai Chi training. However, the forms and styles being taught were not suitable for me. Finally I could get manage to get video and instruction manual from renowned Tai Chi Forum in Canada. Sifu Wing Cheung was kind enough to share his knowledge and wisdom with me for the simplest form of Tai Chi, known as ‘Shibashi’. Originally developed by Dr. Lin Hou-Sheng in 1979, ‘Shibashi’ consists best movements from Yang Style Tai Chi Qigong.

I started learning and practicing Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi in accordance with movements prescribed in instruction manual and video. After practicing for about three years regularly, I found distinctive changes in my profile and the best of all was ‘I could relax at will’ under any stressful condition. Stress being common cause of ailments in modern life, needs management techniques.

‘Shibashi’ is the answer to keep stress in control.

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Hi Samtaichi ,

Thanks for your informative blog on exercise . In india we have not come accross about such a dance form .Dance steps with music is a good exercise . Please write upto what age group people will practice it . Can accute diabatic patient will adopt this exercise , as we are normally advised to walk only .

If this video and other informations are available on online , with glimpse , then it will be a good source. Otherwise , you please think , how to circulate it ? and what will be the cost of the CD


Karan (Pravakar)



visit -


Dear Sir

I think every one would be interested to know more details of this. Pl give more details.


Sunil Mittal

+91 9799786404


watch -


Please visit aataichi.com for complete information on Tai Chi Qigong, which you can share with others.


Hi ,

To day I have given a reply to your new blog, there after I came across about your tips on Tai Chi . I watched the 2 video clips , each for 3 minutes .It is nice , a person standing at one place and sitting on one place can do it .

However , my age is nearing 70 and I am suffering from accute diabatic despite balanced diet , exercise (walking) and medication with Insulin . Can a person with my age , adopt Tai Chi- If yes , how long , you adivse to do the exercise , it is for 20 minutes , 30 minutes or more than that .

From where one can get complete video and what is its cost ? You have released a good information , which will help our youth members , if awareness is created , with sufficient reasoning.

I am not promoting your product . Rather I am searching it for myself and for my own benefit .I can do it infront of my computer , by putting the steps , as shown in video , as it will be difficult for me to remember the steps Please do guide me , with detail . Thanks a lot .

Karan ( Pravakar)



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