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brief note

I am swaroop, hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh . South India

I am diabatic, since 2010 , I am using tablets prescribed & under monitoring of Expert

diabatologist. So for now ok, but more to normal ratings random & fasting.

So for I am not using insulin, but using only medicines (tablets)

in next few days, i want to go for cataract surgery, for the left eye firstly, subject getting

control of sugar within 15 - 20 days period...

for this what steps I have to take toget sugar under control to go for cataract surgery

without any hastle,

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Normally the sugar level should be checked by the surgeon before any operation as a routine test. However, you might have your previous reports already with you. It is advisable to show these to the doctor immediately so that he may prescribe appropriate remedy to enable you to go through surgery without much problem.


100% correct


for cleaning internal organs use Super Chlorophyl,Unicity,America.Fasting 70-100mg/dl normal, PP 80-140MG/dl normal,to normalize suger level by using Bioslife SLIM Or Bioslife D everybody can normalize suger level & chloesterol.The product of UNICITY,AMERICA. Patended product.included in Physician's Desk Reference.Visit unicity.net. For more details & Produt please contact:09447100447, drkvsasikumar@gmail.com


bad request - Invalid hostname

this is what appears when I click on link suggested viz. unicity.net Pls clarify, God bless all w/good health.


I am having sugar since 2001, Initially it troubled me like anything. thanks to Smt Anuradha and Sri Ashok who introduced me aloe vera products during 2004.since then iam using them along with medicines. And I am very confortable now. you can also try them. if you want any further information you can call me on 9885099695.I am also from hyderabad.


Hi which products are you using ?


ask u r Cataract surgeon.U have excellent facilities for eye care in Hyderabad.I am a Hyderabadi.


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