I have been a diabetic for the last 23 years and for the last 9 years taking insulin with tablets too. for the past few months my sugar levels were not under control and even though i used to walk for atleast 2 hours and follow a very strict diet the sugar level did not come under control. about a month back a friend of mine suggested a new supplement which was not available in India but being sold though select people who used to bring this supplement from abroad. now after starting this supplement mysugar levels have come almost to normal and also my dependence on insulin has reduced drastically. this supplement is very expensive but the makers claim that one year of taking this product will get me off my medication and my pancreas will start to produce insulin normally. the product is called double stem cell. if any one needs to know about the product please contact me.

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  • Your contact detail plz

  • 9986856858 from bangalore

  • Beware of fraud.

  • my contact details are 9986956858

  • Dear Sir

    What is the cost of that product for 1 month ? Please intimate.

  • One mth cost is 20 k but as a diabetic i can give u for 15 k my contact no is 9986956858

  • Its available in Is that the same you are talking about?

  • Beware of fraud

  • Is it guaranteed that pancreas will work again?

  • Your kidneys could get screwed up. Beware of fraud

  • hello friend

    yes if u take this supplement for close to one year. u need to take this without fail and continuously for anything to work u need to follow proper advice and if interested then write back to me at sdessdee t yahoo dot in

  • Please give complete information about it with your experience.


  • hello friend.

    thanks for the offer but first tell me what is this product and from where does this come. is it indian or imported and what are the ingredients. i am already leading a disciplined life so on that issue no problems for me. so send me the details about the name of the product composition etc.

  • my email is or phone no is 9986956858

  • thanks for the diabetic recipe. i have tried all the above at one time or the other. even karela juice i have tried but nothing has worked for me in this last 23 years but stem cell has done wonders to me.

  • Pls. Send me u r email address. I will send u entire details by mail

  • Is there any proven record it treats diabetic and the pancreas starts working?

  • Beware of fraud

  • hello senthil

    As I have written in my post the product is doing wonders with just one month of treatment and also my kindey tests are showing normal results. so if u are in need of this product write back to me at sdessdee at yahoo dot in.

  • I would like to know more about the product and ďosage to be taken and cost / dosage etc.

  • hello

    i have given all details in my post. this product is basically a plant based stem cell and made from apple and grapes stem cell hence the name double stem cell. it has to be taken twice a day one in the morning on totally empty stomach and one just before going to sleep. at night u need to give a gap of 2 hours after eating your meals. the cost per day is around rs 700 ( 4 weeks cost rs 20000) but if u buy the product from me then u can get it for rs 15000 which works out to rs 500 for 4 weeks of treatment.

  • I agree with Mr.Anil gupta . This is not a business site and nobody should use it for promoting their business.


  • Mr rangaswamy

    No body is doing any business i m just trying to share my exp using a new innovative product if u r not interested than god bless u here we share our exp of using products which gives us benefit

  • i have already shared the source of this supplement. pls visit and u will get all details. i have nothing to hide as this product has helped me immensely and i want to share in this forum with fellow diabetians. No where i have asked people to buy this product from me. i am also telling the same thing to u. not necessary to buy from me. u can get it from anywhere else but unless and until u use it you will not know the value of this.

  • I am 75 years since 2004 Diabetic and stinted for heart problem. My levels are also vary some times but most of the time it is under control. I walk 30 minutes only and do small exercises for breathing. I drive scooter and car carry on regular house work besides consultant job.


  • Hello sir

    Good to know that at this age too u r active i m a diabetic for last 23 years and now aged 58 yrs i walk for 2 hours which is around 14 to 15 km each day also my diet is very limited do everthing in time but my sugar levels very high especially my fasting levels i used to take 97 units of mixtard but now. After taking this supplement for a month my insulin has come down to 76 and also reduction in tablets if i.continue this progress for one year then diabetes will be history for me it isnot a tab it is stem cell which repairs the damaged beta cells of the pancreas if u need anything from me pls write back

  • Average blood glucose of 83 is the best that one can have and aim for. 76 is no way below normal. I have report of having FBS of 60 (no drugs) by Lab and no signs of any HYPO. That was the time when I had hit A1C of 5.0, as a diabetic on ZERO drugs.

  • Diabetic on LCHF diet reduced insulin from 100 to 55 and landed A1C to 5.5

    Did not spend even 1 K on silly powders. 12K for a month is scam. One can buy real good food in 12k/month and live on LCHF diet :)

  • Dear sdssdee, For your work out yu need good input food, but you seem to eat limited. Follow Mr Scooter geroge's advise to have long wheat consumption which slowsdown your spike of BS

    See his postings and you may not need this high priced drug


  • If you are not interested in business, why you are not disclosing the brand name of the supplement. I am now in USA and I can buy from please give the brand name

  • Hello

    I have already mentioned. The brand name here in the post read mypost i m not too sure if this is available in USA but very soon coming to india

  • from where please inform

  • name of the product is double stem cell. this product works mr ranga. yes i have tried several supplements and indian treatment for diabetes but nothing has worked so i gave a try to this innovative product and the results are good and encouraging.

  • I have replied to many others here only sp pls check name of product is double stem cell

  • Yes it regenerates cells by multiplying hence not only skin but is being used for various health issues like dementia parkinson diabetes arthritis etc i got excellent results using it u can also use it dont look at cost see the long term benefits

  • Can we conclude that Double Stem Cell really works on diabetics?

  • yes it has worked for me and it will work for anyone who is serious and takes this supplement regularly and for atleast 9mths to 1 year

  • So one has to have 1 to 1.5 peti (lacs) cash before they can even think of this. I don't even have spare cash for one month dose :)

  • not immediately anup. for one month u need to pay rs 15k use it and see the amazing results for u. once u are convinced than continue for the next 11 months. i too first took for one month and now with my results continuing the same and hope to be ok soon.

  • Sir my A1C is 5.6 without any such expensive supplements :)

    I focus more on diet, because no supplement or drug can cover a bad diet.

  • yes it has worked for me and i dont see why it should not work for you or anyone else as it regenerates the beta cells of the pancreas. u can try out for one month and check the levels before starting the supplement and check after one month of taking the supplement.

  • Shridhar sir please send your contect no and name of supplements

  • I have seen in TV report in kerala that one person supplies the stem for diabetic and it cures ( as per the report) I am not sure where in kerala if somebody knows then they can inform. This will reduce the cost and the person shows the creeper which he has grown in backyard. Please some one in kerala can give the lead


  • hello ranga sir,

    i dont have any idea about this kerala company or product if u get any idea then pls inform me

  • Sir, this not a company. An individual invented and tried. He was seen showing to lot of people the creeper ,stem, cut and this should be used

    I do not know which part of kerala but the same stem exist single stem


  • If amazon is selling for $US 20 then buy it there u r kindlymistaken i checked on amazon india they r selling for 8500 for 2 pkts of 14's

  • Mr rao i just checked on they r selling for 8505/ for 2 pkts of 14's

  • Mr rao

    Amazon dont supply from USA so u need to tell someone to buy and send it to u in india it is 8505 on amazon

  • hello friend

    insulin resistance happens when u take this externally. being a diabetic we all could have insulin resistance. i too had this exp and finally my doc changed my insulin itself. here when i am taking about double stem cell it repairs the damaged beta cells of the pancreas and within the next 1year the pancreas start to produce insulin instead of taking them externally. my exp tell me that with one month of using stem cell my insulin levels have dropped by 25% nd even the tablet usage has come down.

  • Please leave your contact details on this site.

    Thanks for the information.

  • my contact details are 9986956858

  • Precisely. And most claim they are diabetic on INSULIN and insulin stopped within months of taking this :)

  • i take usual medicine and desi dawai sugar is under control

  • Hello raorao

    Thanks for showing the understanding and appreciation. Today my pp was 87 well whether to use or not is individual choice but resulta r amazing. My. Insulin intake has come down by 25 units

  • (1) 250 is too high. Complications will show at some stage with such high numbers if maintained consistently.

    (2) Once a month measurements by a diabetic are useless. They should closely monitor PPBS, daily at home. Once a month or week measurements are USELESS at best.

    (3) yes, drugs are not the right approach. They should come in last when diet and everything else has failed. That's how we maintain such great numbers on LCHF diet with minimal dependence on drugs.

  • sir have u any... proof for normal your diabetes

  • Dame Sridhar please tell me how to use this product as I have also heard about it but don't know how to consume it and how much quantity per day should be consumed

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