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Gastroparesis in diabetes

Around 16 yrs back I had been diagnosed as diabetic and at that time doc told me to be on insulin, however without insulin and taking oral medicine as well as changing living habits of taking food, walking etc, I tried to keep control but it was still on a higher level. Along with that I also used to have a regular pain in my upper portion of the abdomen in the mid section. Several gastric medicines and treatments failed to cure that and I somehow started to live with that pain as a part of my daily life. Around 2 yrs back suddenly I came over a paragraph on one news paper where the term "gatroparesis" was mentioned. As I was going through the same found that more or less the symptoms match as per my problem. I first came to know that the pathetic abdomen pain which used to shoot out after I consumed few foods was due to "gastroparesis" and that is related to non function or slow function of muscles in the stomach for long diabetic reason. The food that we consume gets constantly pumped from the stomach to the intestines for digestion, but prolonged diabetes somehow makes those muscle weak or inactive thus causing foods to settle back in the stomach that leads to pain and regular indigestion. However step by step I tried to avoid foods that used to shoot out such pains mainly high leafy or fibre foods, it may differ from person to person, but I found that cabbage, soyabean, apple, raw or fried onion, greasy foods etc. cause too much pain and stopped to consume them. Started to take food in small amount, like wise divided my food portions so that in between gaps of the food intake are not more than 2-3 hrs during the day. However I also noticed as soon as my diabetes came under control, the pain in my stomach also started minimising, vice versa, the gastric pain and sugar level are co related. But one unfortunate condition of us who are diabetic and also gastroparesis is that, the food that are recommended to take in diabetes are NO for gastroparesis , and also otherway round.. :).

But the term of gastroparesis had never been explained by any doctor to me, I had only been advised to take anatacid, keep my blood sugar levels under control. The foods to avoid when asked, never been told to avoid any particular food likewise cabbage, fibre etc.

More awareness on diabetes along with the other related diseases with that requires to be spread among all so that we patients are guided to a safe and enjoyable life.

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I presume you take Metformin as a main drug may be about 2X1000 mg a day. Larger doses of Metformin may be reason for bloating and intestinal troubles.You have not indicated your prescription and drug levels. Mono therapy with Metformin in large doses generally causes such problems. Get in touch with your doctor (Diabetologist) for recourse and also make every body in this forum what are all the medicines you take and how many dose per day?


I am presently under the medicine Zoryl 2mg / day after breakfast



I am diabetic for the past 30 yrs. I am on Insulin. Recently for the last about 1 month I am having pain in the abdomen and have very similar symptoms as yours. I read an article about IBS (Irritable Bowels Syndrome) which I think fits my symptoms. But it can also be Gastroparesis. I would like to contact you. Please let me have your e-mail ID. You may also contact me on pravinm44@yahoo.com.



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