Eat Well! Eat Right! Enjoy Wellness! Defeat Diabetes!!

Eat Well! Eat Right! Enjoy Wellness! Defeat Diabetes!!

I was detected for type II diabetes in 2008. Since then my lifestyle changes that I made out of my willingness and responsibility to myself have helped me to control my plasma glucose level without taking drugs. To share my experience I have been inviting diabetics to email to me, give their phone number and also attend "Share and Care" sessions that I hold for "Defeating Diabetes". This is the first time I came to know about HealthUnlocked and Diabetes India. My request to all members, please share how you manage to eat without risk of sugar level going up, what food is right for diabetes, are you able to lead normal life and enjoy wellness and are you feeling safe with diabetes? [contact info removed by admin]

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  • kindly share information regarding food for diabetics and how can sugar levels be controled by food. ?

  • Please share your lifestyle with us . How have you controlled your glucose plasma levels without taking drugs?

  • Hi shrimanth,

    Please guide us how you have controlled with just food

  • It is proper burn out the energy accumulated by food and by one can stop medicines ......for more information visit

  • Regular walking and exercise or yoga in the morning for an hour, taking a break fast with chapati or dosa,veg and boiled grains in equal quantity, have a normal lunch with onethird rice or chappati and two third veg (including raw) and the same during dinner

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