Continuing to break rules

Hi all,

After my post yesterday about our Guidelines, people have continued to ignore them and are continuing to promote products and provide false information and personal contact info.

While it is difficult to control, we need your help. Please use the "Report" button for any content deemed inappropriate by the Guidelines of this site.

Please also reference our terms of use:

We will continue to ban people from our site who break the rules.


Lora S.


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  • We need your help though, because we cannot moderate this community 24/7. Please use the Report button whenever you see anything!!

    Very many thanks for your help.

  • If it's personal experience as a diabetic being shared to help others it is good. If it is being done in return for monetary benefits then that's NOT GOOD. For doing that spend on a good domain , good website with a good hosting company (not godaddy type junk hosting), spend money on SEO and get traffic to site and then business from that traffic.

    People who are on forums like these are already shattered. They don't want another parasite sucking their money taking advantage of their helplessness. Yes sharing personal experiences is a perfect use of these boards.

  • I have noted that one person is furnishing his mobile number to contact him for getting rid of diabetes. Please ignore all such offers. These people comercialise patients ailment and mislead them for money. The forum should prevent such persons from participating in discussions and block such invitees who offer their MOBILE NUMBER.

  • PLEASE report this person. We don't have the technology in place to block commercial people automatically at this time. It has to be done manually.

  • appriciate

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