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Please guide users to present a question in HealthUnlocked

Many of the questions asked here are vague & does not contain essential details. This adversely affects the utilisation of this site; sometimes it leads to unpleasant transactions. It is felt that this can be easily overcome by preempting some guidelines.

When a user chooses to ask a question, tell them to give their FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS & HbA1c results, when was diabetes diagnosed/noticed, age, height, weight, medicines & dosages, details of food/drink intake (like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning). This will improve the user-friendliness of this great site very much & make it more productive. This may even give a better understanding about the relation between the illness (diabetes) and those factors to the users.

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I fully agree with ShooterGeorge. And also those who are here to promote their buisness, should also be stopped.


agreed!!!! chuck out the ones using the forum for personal gains thru absurd marketing pronouncements, etc.


agreed!! however, majority of patients may not have undergone tests most recent at prior to posting or maybe many may have undergone some or all of the tests suggested say, a month or even 2 months ago; concerns of shooterGeorge endorsed, practical and meaningful; yet mental faculties of many do not level-up to that of SGeorge or other few equally intelligent bright minds; better just bear with it all, but those trying to capitalize thru this platform for personal marketing gains should be banned. my apologies if any inconvenience caused.


I missed the report of Dr Nasir khan. could you repeat for me?


What I observe in this forum is that for any question there are five types of reply each putting forth their own point of view which may or may not have relevance to the question under reply. More saddening is many of the replies have commercial motives hidden or explicit. Add to this as Mr.George expressed the queries have insufficient details. As a result the general reader is neither able to appreciate the problem or the remedy.


Hi Nane,

I personally do not find anything wrong in posting different solutions because all solutions may (and will) not suit all patients. More over each proposer will be (most probably) experienced & convinced of the usefulness of what he/she suggests.

For example when someone is hungry there can be different food suggestions from different persons. Children may like only chocolates, cakes etc to quench their hunger. An elderly Malayalee vegetarian may suggest Dosa, Idly or Rice with Saambaar etc; a North Indian may suggest Fulka Roti & Subji; A non-vegetarian on the other hand masuggest a Mutton Biriyani & pickles or Nan/Noodles with Chillie/Ginger Chicken.

Why textile shops keep varieties of Sarees, Churidars or Shirts? Simply because EACH INDIVIDUAL IS UNIQUE PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, etc.

When Penicillin saves the lives of millions, some die due to its adverse reaction. It is due to the combined effect of the individual's body constitution & of the drug. Otherwise why there should be hundreds of tablets for treating Diabetes?


People with petty mind will always try to misuse opportunity like healthunlocked to their advantage.


You are very right sir. this has become a virtual platform for marketing by many and a mere discussion board. Creating awareness and suggestions for lifestyle shall be more important. Thank you.


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