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A reminder of our Guidelines

Hi everyone,

We at HealthUnlocked hope you are enjoying this community for diabetes that we recently started for India. The idea of this community is to share genuine information about diabetes, find help, and support each other.

According to our Guidelines, you are not permitted to post commercial information about your products, businesses, etc. This includes pushing personal contact information. So far we have not been very strict about it but we will start restricting accounts and editing your posts if we see you are breaking Guidelines.

Please use the "Report" button located next to content that you feel is breaking Guidelines. This is the best way to get in touch with us. Please provide a detailed explanation of what rule they are breaking so we can take necessary action right away.

These rules also apply to the HealthUnlocked private messaging, so if there is any spam going on there, please let us know immediately.

Here is a full copy of our Guidelines: diabetesindia.healthunlocke...

We want this to be a safe and useful place for all diabetes sufferers, so please help us out in keeping it this way.

All the best,

Lora S.


2 Replies

Hi amiyakrishna,

Your blogs/posts should not be being blocked. Please let me know in a message if this persists.



Thank you.


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